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Heal Your Life With Travel in 2021!

Travel in 2021!

Traveling can be therapeutic. It won't make you rich without money, but instead with unique experiences and fun memories that you could keep close to your heart. One of the best parts about traveling is how much you can learn from new places in the world. Not only do you discover the endless natural beauty on earth, but you also come across new cultures, traditions, and norms.

Travel Can Be an Amazing Healer for Many

Most people believe that traveling can heal them as a person. Since life can be stressful and cause high levels of anxiety, it is important for us to find an outlet where we could allow ourselves to be free.

One of the main reasons why traveling can serve as an amazing healer for your soul is due to the new experiences. When you travel to a new destination, you are freeing yourself of all the boundaries that you had previously set. This means that you could have the courage to try heart-wrenching activities such as skydiving, or even have a taste of some of the most unique dishes in the world. After all, each country does have a unique set of cultural foods to try.

Traveling can also be a healing experience because it allows you to live in the present. When your everyday life becomes too demanding, you start living in the past. This means always reminiscing on old memories, thinking about old circumstances, and simply wishing that you had done things differently.

Some Top Places to Visit to Heal

If you want to heal your life with travel, there are many destinations that you can choose from. Most of these are known for their therapeutic activities – especially meditating at religious centers, visiting cultural heritage sites, and trying local foods. This means that you can heal your life with travel simply by allowing yourself to do something spontaneous, such as traveling to an unknown destination.

Here are our top 4 recommendations of places where you can heal your life with travel:

1. India

If you are on the search for a destination that has everything, then India should be your next vacation spot. Regardless of what your definition of healing is, India has almost everything to offer. This includes wild safaris, traveling on rickshaws, shopping for cultural outfits, or practicing yoga at multiple historical places in the country.

India is a country that is based upon a foundation that is rich in historical context. From when the British had colonized the country to when the large subcontinent was split into two – there are many things that India has experienced over the years. Despite undergoing such trying times, the cultural history and the bonds between the locals remain strong as ever.

According to most travelers, the most therapeutic experience about India is yoga. Yoga and meditation are two forms of relaxation that are intricately linked to religious worship for the Hindu Indians – thus it holds a significant place in their culture and tradition.

There are many religions that had originated from India, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Since travelers understand the strong link between culture and religion for Indians, they tend to visit exotic countries in search of spirituality and healing through practices such as yoga.

To travel and explore all the different parts of India, you will have to apply for an Indian visa through Natvisa. Natvisa makes the entire visa application process simple by bringing it online. All you need to do is fill an electronic form, upload the required documents, and submit your visa request. Once it is approved by the local government, Natvisa will inform you via email and forward you the e-visa through email.

However, as of March 2021, eVisas are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by the Indian government. Only single-entry visas, business visas, employment visas, and student visas are currently being issued to selective individuals to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Upon arrival, every traveler must present a negative RT-PCR test that is done within 48 hours of arriving. 

2. Mexico

Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations of 2021. This means that travelers all over the world are headed down to Mexico, possibly to find a way to heal your life with travel.

If you are on the search for some healing, then there is no better place than the Mexican beaches. Whether you enjoy visiting popular beaches or prefer finding those that are more secluded, you would be able to find it all in Mexico. With over 450 beaches to discover, Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world where you could go swimming, play volleyball, or simply relax on the sand and enjoy the sunshine.

If you want to travel to Mexico, then you should apply for a Tourist Card via Natvisa. Applying for the Mexico Tourist Card is simple – all you need to do is go to and fill the electronic form for the tourist card. You will only be required to fill in essential details such as your name, age, and where you would be staying in Mexico.

Once you complete the form, you can submit it via the Natvisa site, and the company will get back to you once your tourist card has been approved. The approved document will be sent to you via the registered email address with your Natvisa account.

3. Egypt

Egypt is a country that is well-known for its cultural heritage and ancient treasures. While you may think that the Pyramids are all that Egypt has, you may be surprised to hear about all the other tourist destinations in the country. Egypt has a range of beaches with golden sand to offer and even some of the best natural therapies in the world. If you are looking for a destination where you could heal your life with travel, then Egypt surely needs to be on your bucket list.

Being one of the oldest civilizations to still exist in the world, Egypt is truly an interesting place to visit. As you walk through the desert, the pyramids, and reflect on the country’s rich history, you are likely to experience true peace. There are still many ancient Egyptian tombs and statues to discover in the deserts. When you look at such remarkable bits of history present right in front of you, you are likely to know how to heal your life with travel.

Traveling to Egypt means having to apply for a tourist visa. With Natvisa, the entire process of obtaining an Egypt visa can be made simple, fast, and efficient. The best part about applying via Natvisa is that you can complete the entire application process online, make the payment via a credit or debit card, and receive your tourist e-visa as a pdf file through email.

Once you receive an Egypt visa, it will remain valid for up to 3 months. As per COVID-19 travel restrictions, travelers are allowed to enter Egypt provided that they have a negative RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours of arriving at the airport.

4. Turkey

If you want to have a therapeutic vacation that does not wipe away all of your savings, then Turkey is the perfect destination for you. Not only is the country rich in culture and has beautiful architecture but also provides great value for money.

If you want to heal your life with travel, then the mosques in Turkey are the most beautiful places to visit. Most of the walls are covered in glass paint that reflects sunlight in beautiful colors on the inside. Regardless of which mosque you visit in Turkey, you are likely to come across friendly locals who would be happy to accommodate you.

To ensure that your travel to Turkey is hassle-free, you should apply for an online visa through Natvisa. Turkey is one of the countries that offer an e-visa facility to travelers, meaning that they can complete the entire visa application process online and receive their visa in electronic form.

The Turkey tourist e-visa remains valid for six months after it has been issued, but you can only use it for your stay in Turkey for up to 90 days.

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