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The Happiest Countries on Every Continent

The happiest countries on every continent

Every country in the world has the potential to be the happiest place ever. Still, some countries are trying more than others, working on factors of genuine life improvement. To be considered one of the happiest countries on every continent, the country needs to satisfy specific social, urban, and natural environmental aspects. However, there are plenty more subcategories that make the place happy, such as a sense of community, genuine generosity of a nation, sense of freedom, and social reliability. Here are the top rank places of happiness for each continent.


The COVID-19 pandemic has struck the world economy hard, affecting our everyday life and well-being. However, Finland has sustained its happiness levels and took this "trophy" the fourth year in a row. Some might wonder why this country in the cold, northern part of Europe is the happiest, considering the climate is not on their side. This is because even with the six months of winter and darkness, the people of Finland make the best with what they have.

Instead of fighting the inconvenient weather, they have accepted it and adapted. Thus, outdoor physical activities are common throughout the year, regardless of the weather. And who wouldn't want to spend as much as possible outdoors, with so many magnificent crystal lakes, pristine forests, and rich wildlife? Nature is a well-known stress-reducing factor, and life in such a healthy and unpolluted environment helps with our well-being.

In addition, the country is very safe, with barely existing crime rates. So, peacefulness, safety, happiness, resilience, and what else? Oh yes. Finland has one of the best educational and health systems in the world. All these factors build up a high life standard, with plenty of opportunities for everyone regardless of social class. Genuinely, the country has very little poverty because the system is treating everyone equally.


According to a Globe and Mail survey done on 2500 Canadian adults, over 67% declared being very happy, with only 5% unsatisfied residents. The survey includes overall happiness and satisfaction factors on a family, social, financial, work, and personal levels. For Canadians, the happy feeling is mainly a consequence of a high income. And how can it not be? Nearly 80% of the respondents were earning over $150,000 annually. Toronto is the world's most powerful financial center, with a thriving industry that attracts many business juggernauts to move there. This provides a constant influx of quality jobs and new opportunities. The Land of the Maple Leaf is a favorite living destination of all ages since it treats everyone equally, promoting diversity and inclusion in all sectors. The communities in all cities are very welcoming, so you can relocate to a totally new place within Canada and still feel at home.


Even though not everything is ideal on this island with nearly 25 million people, Taiwan continuously scored high in the World Happiness Report in life expectancy, social support, and economic factors. The country was very successful in containing the COVID-19 pandemic spread, which preserved the economy and eliminated the lockdown option. In addition, Taiwan has a strong sense of community, where multigenerational families live together. Thus, tradition and old values continue to nurture the culture where social reliability and generosity are cherished.

Costa Rica

This South American country is full of breathtaking beaches, biodiversity, and rainforests. Such surroundings would make anyone happy, but these traits are not unknown to other South American countries. Costa Rica differs from the rest as a place with a stable democracy, actively investing in a country's progress. Eight percent of the state's GDP goes for educational purposes, which is a significant sum, compared to a world average of 4.8% percent. In addition, they use a sales tax on fossil fuels to protect the forest and fight pollution.

In the '80s, the country's forest coverage was down to 20%. Luckily, the Costa Rican government is fighting climate change with their protective reforms, which helped forest coverage restoration to 50%. Despite the widespread belief that investment in the protection of the environment goes against the economy, Costa Rica proved everyone different. Because of its efforts in protecting unique nature and biodiversity, tourism has grown at substantial levels. Perhaps not all people in Costa Rica are happy. However, with so many nature preservation laws, it is definitely one of the planet's happiest and most sustainable countries.


Mauritius is one of the best-administered African countries, with a thriving economy, offering many opportunities to its residents. The country is famous for low levels of taxation, with a corporate tax rate of 15%, no capital gains tax, and no inheritance tax. In addition, Mauritius has a double taxation agreement with 44 world countries. These beneficial factors attract foreign investors to conduct businesses, creating a stable industry and economy. The country is a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, known for some of the best beaches on earth, full of reefs and lagoons. The island also has a national park with rain forests, waterfalls, and unique flora and fauna. It is a popular tourist destination full of heavenly beach resorts, which additionally helps Mauritius to end on the list of the happiest countries on every continent.


For years, the Land Down Under has been in the top 5 happiest world countries. Australians are well-known for genuinely welcoming nature and cheerfulness. That is probably the result of high levels of disposable income, famous sunny beaches, or many other prospering opportunities living here provide. For such a big country, crime rates are very low, making Australia a great place to raise a family. In addition, the sense of community is strong, and the residents can rely on others in times of need. With the promotion of generosity and self-betterment, the nation is open to many volunteering and charity projects, helping the less fortunate.


Regardless of the objective reports about the happiest countries on every continent, many could disagree with some choices. This is because the list doesn't reflect the mental health issues in the mentioned regions. Instead, it is defined by the country's well-being and progress. Every human being has happiness values that will prioritize over others. Thus, the happiest places in the world are the ones where you feel safe and satisfied. Perhaps they are the locations that feed your adventurous spirit or beach resorts where you can relax and enjoy the good life? Happiness depends on us; any place where we live is happy if we work on our self-improvement.

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