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The Happiest Big Cities in America

Big Cities in America

The US is a big country. For Americans, the sheer size of the USA isn't on their minds until they go to other countries and continents. Americans are often surprised when they travel to Europe, only to find out that Paris and Amsterdam, for example, are only a couple of hours from each other. All of this means that the US is pretty diverse, and you can see disparities on many issues across the country. This is true for happiness too. You might be prompted to think that NYC and LA are among the happiest big cities in America, but that doesn't have to be the case. On the contrary, maintaining happiness in such huge cities is challenging, and those environments have their own challenges that make people's lives miserable. 

However, there are always exceptions. Some cities do care about their citizens' happiness, and today we will explore some of those unicorns.

Seattle, Washington

On the far north-west is one of the happiest big cities in the US - Seattle. Sure, a lot of world-famous musicians from Seattle in the 90s explored topics like depression and anxiety in their work, and one could wonder - from what kind of background did those artists come?

Gloomy Seattle

If you only look at Seattle through grunge lenses, this is the picture you might get.

If you only look at the 90s grunge scene, you might think Seattle is a hellish place, reminiscent of some works of post-apocalyptic fiction. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Seattle today is (and always has been) a progressive place that welcomes people from all over the world. Although a very famous American city, it still is somewhat underrated. It is surrounded by some of America's most beautiful nature, with a lot of fresh air and nice weather. Sure, Seattle has its fair share of overcast days, but that only makes sunny days even sweeter!

It has a great, developing, and stable economy, and many people in the West seem to be moving en masse to appropriately named Emerald City. When moving, people search for happiness before anything. Maybe now is the right time to quit your job and move to this beautiful place!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Lava from Hawaii

Don't worry! - says Hawaiian lava.

Is this surprising at all? With endless sunshine, no one dares to think about anything opposite of happiness when in Hawaii. Research has shown that people who live in sunny places tend to be generally happier than others. And that is something most of us have already known.

Of course, how many hours of sunshine a place has throughout the year isn't the only factor that determines the happiness of a place, as we have already seen with Seattle. 

What attracts so many people to Hawaii isn't only its weather but the traditions and wisdom of Polynesian culture, which is so unbelievably rich and profound at its core. For example, Ho'oponopono is a practice that has changed the lives of many people. It is a practice of forgiveness and inner healing many people from urban "beehives" desperately need. And where better to learn it than in Hawaii?

Madison, Wisconsin

The capital of Wisconsin, Madison, is one of the most overlooked cities in the US. Maybe that's a curse, but we like to think of it as a blessing. 

Madison is not that big of a city population-wise, but it certainly is a place with a giant heart and unique personality. 

People here are generally described as "cool-headed". And why wouldn't they be? It is a place that has a lot to offer, from fantastic and unique food to a plethora of outdoor activities like ice skating, snowkiting, and other winter sports. And this is not the only thing that makes them "cool".

Citizens of Madison are very welcoming people with a unique sense of humor. In 1978, the governor of Wisconsin said that Madison is "77 square miles surrounded by reality". There was even an official proposal that this phrase becomes the official punchline of the city, but it was, unfortunately (or fortunately?) voted down.

So, don't be surprised to find out that you don't get much of Madison's humor. You have to adapt to it.

People laughing in one of the happiest big cities in America

A unique sense of humor is what makes Madison one of the happiest big cities in America.

New Yorkers seem to especially love Madison. New York as a city, like many other places, is, in a broad sense, more and more unhappy, prompting them to find better alternatives and move to other cities. So, if you want to leave NYC for good and move to Madison, you better find some professionals who can relocate you to your new home. Moving on your own across the US can be dangerous and complicated, and it is always a good addition to have someone with you who knows the job well.

San Jose, California

The counterpart of NYC on the West is LA. Still, in a way, it is more similar to New York than you might think. There seems to be a negative trend in recent years of people leaving cities like Los Angles in hopes of finding better alternatives. 

One of those alternatives is San Hose in California. San Jose is home to many giant companies that are leading in innovations. Many young people are moving to San Jose to find good career opportunities, and as you can imagine, the city's population is pretty young. And young people are, even though they won't admit it, generally happier. Still, many young adults seem to have found the key to true happiness in San Jose.

San Jose is brimming with life throughout day and night. It is a city for young people who want some excitement in life, making it one of the happiest big cities in America. So if you are in that category, San Jose might be a perfect place for you!

As you can see, if you live in a big city and have found that you could be happier, you don't have to give up that big-city lifestyle. With the help of our list of some of the happiest big cities in America, we believe you will find the place you can happily call home.

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