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Things You Must Indulge Yourself In Grand Turk Cruise Tours

Caribbean Sea

Is Grand Turk an item on your next trip to the Caribbean Sea, or are you contemplating what to do and where to head to? Stress yourself no further! Grand Turk welcomes over a million cruise travelers at its cruise center annually. Grand Turk Cruise Port is an economically prosperous tourism center harboring Carnival Cruise Line ships.

This laid-back island has a rich history, beautiful tropical beaches, and other intriguing activities for cruisers. Watch and shoot the beautiful scenery of the wild horses and donkeys wandering the busy town and beach.

List of Things to Immerse Yourself in Grand Turk Cruise Tours

Grand Turk is arguably the largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, it hosts less than 5,000 residents. Its marine life abundance, scenic beaches, and crystal clear waters make it a point of interest among cruise tourists.

Grand Turk ships only dock in one place—the famous Grand Turk cruise port complex, found at the southern end of Grand Turk. Indulge in the wonders surrounding the Grand Turk cruise tours by engaging in these fun activities.

1. Stop By the Grand Turk Cruise Center

Grand Turk Cruise Center

Stopping by the Cruise Center Complex is a splendid way to explore Grand Turk Island on cruise tours. The complex’s huge open-air area connects travelers to top eateries, tour booths, and gift shops. Explore the lagoon-like swimming pool and a FlowRider feature suitable for testing one’s surfing skills. Hodophiles can do much in this 13-acre complex, including shopping in the duty-free shopping center, exploring the island, and relaxing on the beach.

The Margaritaville restaurants inside the complex have free lounges and a swim-up bar. Elongate your Grand Turk Cruise Center tour by stopping at the John Glenn Splashdown Memorial for an exquisite discovery. Hit up the boutique stores nearby to grab some high-quality gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. Immerse yourself into learning more about the sea life at the picturesque humpback whale a few meters away.

2. Grand Turk Lighthouse

Grand Turk Lighthouse

Explore and discover exquisiteness and catch some beautiful sights at the Grand Turk lighthouse. It is the only one throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands, completed in 1852. With an entry charge of $3 per head, one can see and do plenty around this destination.

Start by sightseeing the white, French-style lighthouse or admiring the old light-keeper's house. Drive through the scenic coastal path across the coastline’s top marine limestone cliffs. You will discover some friendly donkeys wandering around.

Biking and walking are illegal in the lighthouse, but one can explore this scenic attraction on ATV, car, or taxi. However, there are several trails on the ground for you to go on a hike spree. Take a few minutes to visit the ruins of the old U.S. Navy base.

3. Visit the Turks and Caicos National Museum

Learn the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands and watch some informative documentaries at the Turks and Caicos National Museum. Opened in 1991 and located in Cockburn Town, the capital city, the exhibition offers cruising tours year-round.

Inside it lies the Molasses Reef Wreck, Europe’s oldest shipwreck. Learn more about the original Grand Turk inhabitants by exploring the exhibits dedicated to them. There are many other exhibits on its tourism history, the Lucayan Indians and the salt industry.

The museum hosts many events year-round, from workshops and lectures to concerts. You can decide to attend one of such events to immerse yourself in world-class learning or entertainment experiences.

Lovers of John Glen's creations can stop by the museum to explore his massive collection of spacecraft models, spacesuit artifacts, and more.

4. Explore the Salt Salinas

Salt Salinas

Grand Turk has a rich history of salt production and is the only Turks and Caicos where such activities took place. Some of the biggest salt industries globally were from the Turks and Caicos. It finally crumbled, and the production levels went extremely low. However, the history remains, and the buildings and salt flats stand strong to remind you of the role of that salt in the economy of Grand Turk.

Ride into Cockburn town and view the salt ruins and dividing lines. For those who prefer ATV tours, book yourself for a day out to explore Hawkes Nest Salina, an underdeveloped area covered with natural white crystal sea salt. Booked tours are the best and most unique way to view the salt ponds and the surrounding areas.

For the adventurous mavens, you can go on a salt harvesting spree. Remember, this is a physically demanding exercise but a great way to understand the salt production process.

There is also a salt house museum located in Salt Salinas. Here, you will learn the story of Grand Turk’s salt history from the many salt harvesting and salt production exhibits.

Rounding Up

Grand Turk boasts of having welcoming weather year-round, perfect for cruising tours. The wonderful island hosts many attractions suited for avid and amateur Hodophiles. Get a taste of what the local life feels like while exploring top beaches, discovering sea life, and learning the culture and history of the residents.

You can also stop by the shops at the shopping center to buy gifts for your loved ones or taste local and international cuisines at the nearby restaurants.

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