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Giants Causeway Tour and
Meditating on the Glens of Antrim

Glens of Antrim

Join me on my voyage through the ‘9 Glens’, they make up an area of outstanding natural beauty that run all the way up to the mighty giants causeway.

Steeped in history and myth legends, The 9 Glens of Antrim are a must-see, especially if you’re traveling along Causeway Coastal Route.

You can get an insight of each of the 9 Antrim Glens and you’ll find the best spots to visit while exploring them.

9 Glens of Antrim

As the name foretells, you will find the 9 Glens of Antrim in County Antrim - N Ireland. The main towns to explore include Carnlough, Glenarm, Ballycastle, Cushendall, Cushendun, - Waterfoot. Situated on the coastal route, each of the 9 glens enjoys close proximity to the sea.

Castles and stunning villages and waterfalls with ancient rock formations, the Glens of Antrim are jam full of beautiful things to see. Endless hills, rich in wildlife, fast flowing streams, leading to the ocean. It’s a awesome magical place.

There are 9 Glens in total, each one with its own charm and character - a wealth of beauty. Let's take a closer peak at some of them underneath, each is named after a tell tale sign or item associated with the Glen. Find out which of the glens is more popular with natural attractions.


Known as ‘the valley of the army’, Glenarm is the southernmost of the nine Glens. where the valley meets the sea, you will find the village of Glenarm, home to the elegant Glenarm Castle and well landscaped Gardens.

The valley has woodlands in Glenarm Forest Park, it has a variety of walking trails – a wooded riverside walk is a top attraction and it is just 2 minutes from the villages center.Ancient sites can easily be found in the glen, there is evidence of habitation going all the way back to around 500 AD.


The Valley of the Sword - Valley of the Hedges, Glencloy is one of the Biggest of the 9 Glens of Antrim. It’s also steeped in magical history and enjoys abundant natural resources.

Having been a large site for flint weapons, in history, the lime cliffs that surrounding the glen are the source of a busy mineral industry, birthing the village of Carnlough, located at the bottom of the valley on the irish seafront.

There are some fantastic walks in this Glen, with trails taking in relics of the ancient and more recent past. In addition, nature lovers can enjoy Cranny Falls and Doonan Waterfall.


Glenariff is the largest of the 9 Antrim Glens and known as arable valley or the valley of the ploughman It is the most popular to visit and has earned its slangname, Queen of the Glens, because its natural stunning beauty.Sitting at the bottom of the glen, Waterfoot makes a super starting point for many walking trails. Follow the river through forests and lookout for breathtaking waterfalls such as - Mare’s Tail waterfall and the - Fall of the Hooves.

Farms run up the valley decents and slopes, with an array of things to view,ancient graveyards, are dotted along the Glen.


The body or the glen of the dead, Glencorp’s frightening name should not delay your visit. It has sublime scenery, mountains to 1 side and rambling hills to the other.

Causeway Coastal Road passes through the length of the Glen, so it is an easy 1 to enjoy a nice scenic drive along and through.


Glenballyemon, Eomon’s Valley - offers up some spectacular scenery of Trostan Mountain, this makes a large part of this Glen. Harsh farmland stretches up and down mountainside the soil transforms to rocks and the slowly ascends suddenlyup.

The characteristic village of Cushendall located at the valley mouth, and if you foretravel the river back along the valley you will come across lots of waterfalls. It is here I went for a dip and afternoon snooze, I found this areagreat for a kip and some meditating - while thing of what lays ahead in wait on my giants causeway tour from belfast, as i awoke from my kip i noticed the railway station which now lays derelict as the Retreat quietly falls into the earth, a relic of it being a former mining area from times gone by.


Known by the valley of the colt’s Alternatively the foot or the valley of the burial chamber, Glanaan is full of mysticism. Ancient rootings as far as the eye beholds throughout this glen, touching the tip of Aghan Mountain and ozzing down to the sea beneath.

Glanaan’s well famous site is Ossian’s Grave, neolithic court cairn believed to mark the burial site of Finn McCool also called Fionn Mac Cumhaills only son Oisin.

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