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Although badly damagedby the bombing during World War II and then broken apart during the Cold War, Berlin has reconstructed itself brilliantly and is now a favorite tourist destination. There's lively nightlife with many cafés, clubs and bars, numerous galleries and museums, and many sites of historic interest.
Visiting Berlin...

Berlin is a friendly and safe city with open minded people. There's great art and music to be found quite easily, and a cheap and efficient Subway. A city that is able to combine the past and the present very nicely. The young people (and there are many), give Berlin a special allure. You can eat and sleep for almost every budget and all this will be served by their remarkably friendly inhabitants.

The cold war was a heavy period in Berlin, which influences are still reflected, also on tourist spots. Berlin also quickly became popular by tourists, the city was easier to visit, which was the beginning of a true hotel boom. The result of that hotel boom was that there were almost too many hotels in Berlin - the main reason why it is relatively cheap to stay in a Berlin hotel. Even the more expensive hotels are still relatively cheap. Air B&B and private guesthouses becoming more and more popular as well.

If you want to visit different places in Germany by train, get the quer durchs land ticket from the Deutsche Bahn.

When the Federal Government was re-established in Berlin, it was necessary to restore the Reichstag building. Situated in the military zone between within the Berlin Wall it had suffered many years of neglect. Today's visitors to the Reichstag can look out from the building's amazing new glass dome...

Reichstag Dome

Also in the vicinity of the Reichstag is the Brandenburg Gate (below), one of the best-known landmarks of Germany. The area around the gate was featured most prominently on TV when the Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1989, and the German nation became reunified.

Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Television Tower reaching out above the skyline at 368m, the tallest building in Berlin. Visitors to the tower can enjoy a complete 360° panorama of the city.

Berlin Television Tower

Berlin is a metropolis and stands in Europe as one of the biggest cultural, political and scientific centers. The city is also known for its highly developed cultural life with festivals, a great nightlife, many museums, art exhibitions, events, and young designers. You'll feel the free lifestyle, it's modern and not expensive. Berlin is also one of the greenest cities in Europe, with 22% of nature and parks, and 6% lakes, rivers and canals.

You can easily say that Berlin's nightlife is highly rated in Europe. The government has not set any closing time for the nightlife industry, which means that some stores and bars are open up to 24 hours a day. There are many cafes, restaurants, clubs, discos and cocktail bars. You won't find a concentrated nightlife district, but they are spread all over the city. Some well-known entertainment areas are Oranienburger Straße / Hackescher Markt district, Kurfürstendamm area, Kollwitzplatz and Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain district, Nollendorfplatz and surroundings (gay scene) and Oranienstraße. Anything goes...

Belmates Hause

As with Belmates Hause pictured above, it's not obvious that it's a nightclub. The benefit is that you'll meet the local Berliners and not so many tourists. There are also the "mobile" clubs that regularly switch location. Berlin is also very subject to fashion; what considered up to date right now can easily become outmoded tomorrow. Just ask the young people who know all about these latest trends.

A visit to Berlin is a real experience. The contrast between past and present is particularly striking in this German capital. The city has of course had a turbulent history and this is reflected in the numerous attractions of Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie belongs to the remains of the Berlin Wall. This is indeed a city with a history. The impressive buildings, museums and architecture make this city into a cultural highlight.

Of course, Berlin offers much more besides art and culture. You will find beautiful parks to walk in, and a variety of shops. The Kurfürstendamm shopping street is a large, well-known large clothing store. Also in the KaDeWe, the largest department store in Europe is a shoppers dream. Make sure to visit the small streets as well, you'll see the best and craziest things. Additionally, Berlin has many small shops and boutiques to be found in the Friedrichstrasse and the Prenzlauer Berg district.

A beautiful view of the history of Berlin by Mark Nelson, focussed on the Alexanderplatz...

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