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6 Fun Things to Do While in Jervis Bay

6 Fun Things to Do While in Jervis Bay

It's astonishing how little people outside of New South Wales know about Jervis Bay, this beautiful part of Australia. In only two and a half hour drive away from Sydney, you'll find a gorgeous coastline packed with forests, rivers, campers, towns, and white-sand beaches.

The most well-known Jervis Bay attraction is Hyams Beach, which is renowned for its sugar-white sand. But Jervis Bay has so much more to offer than just walking down Hyams Beach's smooth, glistening white sand.

Jervis Bay offers something for everyone, from hiking trails and woodland treks to lovely coastal villages and eateries to some of the most beautiful beaches you've ever seen. In Jervis Bay, it's all too simple to discover a secluded swimming hole or a private stretch of white sand beach.

Jervis Bay is the ideal location for a weekend trip around Australia, so here are some must-see locations and things to do while you’re there.

Visit Jervis Bay Maritime Museum & Gallery

If you’re spending your holiday at this beautiful location, a visit to Jervis Bay Maritime Museum & Gallery is a must! Maritime artifacts and nautical equipment, including navigational instruments, pictures, paintings, and sketches are all on display here. Husky Museum is a must-visit in Wandi Wandian Country's gorgeous bushland, which includes a mangrove boardwalk. As you walk the 1.4-kilometer walkway, you'll see a variety of wildlife, including region-specific species of birds and crabs.

Dolphin cruise

Dolphin cruise

A dolphin tour is a must-do activity when visiting Jervis Bay. The region is home to over 60 bottlenose dolphins, and a one-and-a-half-hour cruise is a great way to get up close and personal with these aquatic mammals.

On this exciting tour, you'll discover the fascinating history of Jervis Bay while also getting a unique experience of dolphin-watching. Cruising while dolphins swim next to your boat is a lovely way to create lasting memories with your family and friends!

Visit gorgeous beaches

Visit gorgeous beaches

In Jervis Bay, there are plenty of wonderful beaches you can enjoy with your loved ones. We guarantee you you’ll find one very close to your Jervis Bay accommodation. However, if you’d like some more specific recommendations, you’re at the right place.

Walk along the White Sands Walk and you'll be able to view all of the most magnificent beaches in Jervis Bay. On this coastal walk, you'll be winding in and out of the woodland and enjoying some gorgeous sights. Greenfield Beach and Chinamans Beach are two of the most beautiful beaches you'll see along the way. No matter on which beach you decide to place your towel, you’re sure to enjoy white sandy beaches and a turquoise sea.

Try to find the Gosang Tunnel

If you’re of an adventurous spirit then you need to discover Gosangs Tunnel, a hidden gem that only those in the know are aware of.

You must climb through a tiny hole in the rocks at Point Perpendicular in the area's upper reaches. If you're claustrophobic, you may want to steer clear of this one. From here, you can see the cliffs beyond after making your way up a short, but steep, 20-meter ascent.

When you reach the cliffs, there are no safety barriers, so proceed with extreme caution. Take care not to endanger yourself or anybody else while out on this trek. Do not take children on this route; only experienced hikers should try to conquer the tunnel!

Go snorkeling

Go snorkeling

Getting out of the water and removing your snorkeling goggles allows you to see the wide expanse of land and sand spread out before you, as well as all the aquatic life that lives there. Sounds absolutely gorgeous, right? Rocks, kelp, sand flats, enormous cuttlefish, and fur seals may all be found right offshore, not far from the beach. If you don’t feel safe going snorkeling on your own you can always hire a professional diver to be right by your side.

Explore Huskisson

There is a good chance that you'll find yourself at Huskisson at some time during your stay in Jervis Bay.

Huskisson is a terrific place to spend time in Jarvis Bay. Cafes, a bookstore, a movie theater, and wellness facilities are among the many things you’ll find in this wonderful coastal town. If you need a post office, Huskinsson’s got you covered so you can send all the beautiful postcards you’ve got!

If you're camping and want to stock up on supplies, Huskisson is a practical option. The main road near Vincentia has a large shopping center that sells food at a lower price. Alternatively, if it rains, there is enough to keep you occupied!

If you find yourself itching for a weekend adventure, Jervis Bay is a place to be. From wonderful sandy beaches to advance hiking trails, there’s something for anyone at this New South Wales jewel. Make sure to go dolphin spotting and snorkeling if you’re with youngsters as they’ll surely love it!

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