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A Look at Fun Activities While on Vacation

Whether you’re lucky enough to be able to travel or enjoy a staycation time off is essential for everyone. In times like this, it is tempting to continue, battle through as we may not know what is around the corner. 

It’s a scientific fact that minds and bodies need a break from normality to remain productive and creative and let’s face just plain dull. Don’t worry, we are here to stop that from happening. Let’s look at some fun activities to do while on vacation through this article.

Fun activities

Do a Tech Detox

Detoxing may not sound like fun, but it’s an excellent place to start if you’re on vacation, ignore the calls from work; switch off notifications and don’t read emails that aren't worth the read. It’s time to switch off and emerge yourself in your vacation. 

Whenever you can leave the phone in the room when you go to dinner, don’t worry about getting the perfect pic for the gram. Ask yourself where you’d want to go if no one else knew about it. Try to work your trip so it reflects what you are interested in - and be selfish for once.

Head for the Beach 

Suppose you live in a country that isn’t landlocked head for the local beach. Just smelling the fresh sea air will help you relax you. Look into the distance and remember to breathe.

Even if you are landlocked or miles away from the coast, there will be a local beauty spot or lake that you can visit. There’s something about water that clears the mind and cleanses the soul.

Fun activities

Take a River Walk

If you are lucky enough to live near a river or canal there will probably be a towpath or walkway along the side of the river. Spending time walking is not only great exercise; it stimulates the appetite and gives you a different view.

Feed the ducks, or do some fishing, some rivers and lakes encourage anglers to keep stocks down and keep the water clean.

Take a Road Trip

If you have an interest or a hobby now is the time to indulge in your chosen subject, whatever it is, old churches, famous music venues, infamous haunted houses the list is endless. Jump in the car, set the Satnav and just go.

The feeling of freedom can’t be compared, in these days of Airbnb and all the hotel apps there’s no need to book in advance. Take a chance, and you might be surprised at how liberating it is to do something on the spur of the moment.

If you have a family with small or young children, you will need some preparation so the following road trip tips may help.

Book the First and Last Night

If you’re travelling with family, you do need to be a little less spontaneous than you would if you’re going with one other or in a group of like-minded friends. Young children and older people may offer concerns that require attention, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. 

Choose where you’re going to stay on the first and last night to add structure and balance and then in between the world is your oyster. Get the children to join in planning the next step and ask your gran, mum or older friend what they would like to do. You never know the wise ones might stay in the hotel with the children and you and your partner can escape.

Dream on...

Manage Expectations

Everyone has their horror story about how a trip went: baggage landing up somewhere crazy or hotel rooms that don’t look like the pictures. The trick is about how you handle the situation because some things are out of your control. So there's no point stressing over it too much. 

When you’re travelling, it’s safe to say that not everything will run smoothly. So go into the holiday in the right frame of mind, and don't allow a minor hiccup to disrupt the whole trip. 

If you’re lucky, these mishaps will result in new friendships, along with a funny story to tell in the pub. It might seem unusual at that moment, but one day you'll look back and laugh. 

It’s natural to get excited about the trip. Still, sometimes this can lead to the formation of unrealistic expectations which will, most likely, leave you feeling extremely disappointed whether it happens or not. 

Don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on the main reason why you are there, to have a fun vacation - whether that is an adventure, relaxation, or just to experience a new culture.

Fun activities

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