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Follow the Guadalupe River for Your Texas RV Trip

Follow the Guadalupe River


Flowing from Kerrville of Texas Hill Country to the San Antonio Bay at the Gulf of Mexico, the Guadalupe River spans 225 miles across Texas. Along this entire stretch of water, there are many campsites and resorts that offer a ton of different activities and sights to see! Be it kayaking and canoeing, fishing for local fish, and even tubing, there are a ton of things that can be done for the watersport-oriented person to do.

There is plenty to do along the Guadalupe River, and in this list, we will name a few that we think are the best and most exciting things to do. We strongly recommend looking for RV rentals in Texas for this route –– it’s perfect for a short getaway with a group of friends or a family, as you will never run out of things to do the entire time. There are also plenty of accommodation options to choose from, depending on your budget and needs.

Kerrville-Schreiner Park

Located a couple of miles off downtown Kerrville, the Kerrville-Schreiner Park is a vast area that is split into two, with sections along one side of the Guadalupe River and the other running with the south “hill” side of Bandera Highway. On the riverside, there are plenty of amenities such as RV parking sites complete with all the necessary infrastructure. The hillside campsites choose to run a bit more spartan, offering 30-amp power and water only. At the Park, you can choose between a few accommodation options, be it campsites for tents, cabins, or even a fully furnished ranch house.

Within the Park, there are several hiking and biking trails that run several miles. You can enjoy nature while exploring the area, or admiring the butterfly garden. You can even have a spot of barbeque with picnic areas that come with grills or enjoy the waterside with canoes and kayaks that are available for rent. 

Cave Without a Name

The mysterious name is certainly fitting the almost haunting cavern it belongs to. The Cave Without A Name is located in Boerne, which is easily accessed from Interstate 10, going east. This Cavern, which is a natural limestone cave, is the seventh longest cavern in Texas and is part of the Texas Cave Trail.

Admire the quiet beauty of nature that is normally hidden from view, as you walk through the various formations of stalactites, stalagmites, rimstone dams, and draperies. You can also explore the hiking trails in the area too, which is also host to a bunch of other activities. Pan for gems in the area and enjoy a snack at the picnic tables, take part in a scavenger hunt that is perfect for the kids, or even pitch a tent and camp for the day at their sites. 

Guadalupe River State Park

Another great spot for water sports, Guadalupe River State Park is 20 miles from Boerne. The river is a fantastic place for fishing and kayaking and even has several miles of hiking and biking trails. There are even areas and paths that are open to exploration on horseback, too! If you plan on camping in the area, there are three camping areas the park offers.

For those who want a more comfortable experience, the Turkey Sink area has electricity and water sites that come with restrooms and showers. For those who want to live it rough and have a more authentic experience, the Wagon Ford walk-in tent area is the perfect spot. Cedar Safe is currently not operational.

Follow the Guadalupe River

Potters Creek Park

The Guadalupe River, across its huge span, has many dams along its path. The Canyon Dam, which also forms the Canyon Lake, is home to several campgrounds and RV resorts that offer an amazing experience by the waterside.

Located on the northern shore of the lake, Potters Creek Park is located by the beach and has many amenities. There is a boat ramp and a fishing pier, making it a great place to easily access the water and have fun, as well as a campground for those who love to pitch a tent. Luxuriously spacious and equipped, the RV sites come with weather and electric hookups making it easy to maintain your RV there for any period of time. 

Victoria Riverside City Park 

Further southeast along the river, the city of Victoria is home to the Victoria Riverside City Park. The enormous 560-acre park within the city occupies a huge stretch of the river shore. The City Park comes complete with an RV park and a stadium by the river. Why not also enjoy admiring some wildlife at the Texas Zoo located within the park, too! There are boat ramps to enjoy some kayaking and canoeing, as well as a rose garden to admire and be a feast for the eyes. There is even a golf course, to get your spot of hitting balls across the beautiful landscape!

If you’re looking for a break from all the outdoor activities, there are plenty of local museums in Victoria. The Nave displays artwork that draws inspiration from the surrounding region, and the Museum of The Coastal Bend details the history and beginnings of the Gulf Bend region in Texas. The best part is that these museums are free admission, but we highly suggest donating to them to ensure that future visitors can enjoy them the way you will too!

Calhoun’s Riverside RV Retreat

Finally reaching the tail end of the Guadalupe River, the Calhoun’s Riverside RV Retreat is 30 miles away from Victoria and five miles from the forks that lead to San Antonio Bay. The RV retreat is a tranquil space, complete with RV sites and cabins, accompanied by private boat ramps so that it’s easy to enjoy water activities like fishing or canoeing.


There are a great many things to do on the road trip down the Guadalupe River, particularly so if you’re interested in taking part in water sports and activities. The river cuts through many areas that each offer its own unique charm and vistas, and no two places are quite the same. Regardless of where you choose to stop, you’re bound to enjoy a great time in the outdoors and enjoying nature, be it on foot or in the water.

Follow the Guadalupe River
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