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Fes in Morocco

Fes in Morocco

Morocco, on Africa's northern coast, is a fascinating old country. Morocco, like any other country, has a beating heart: Fes. This will be the subject of our article.

Fes, an introduction to the city

Fes is Morocco's oldest city and one of four historic imperial towns (the others being Meknes, Rabat, and Marrakesh) & the most important center of Islamic faith and culture in North Africa. It has a total area of 20,000 square kilometers. The origins of the city can be traced back to around 789 AD, when the first hamlet was established on the eastern bank of the Fez River, followed by the establishment of a village on the opposite bank. When the two communities merged, Fes became the world's largest Islamic metropolis and a suitable Moroccan beauty capital. When you come here, it feels like you're walking back in time: the city's architecture has remained largely unchanged for nearly a thousand years. Many twisted winding streets, historic houses, and structures still house people.

Fes, one of Morocco's most vibrant cities, is interestingly divided into three sections:

  • Fes el Bali is the old medina (old town) of Bali, which is surrounded by a medieval wall and has one of the world's largest pedestrian areas.
  • Fez-Jdid is the second medina, which has existed since the 13th century and was founded by the Marinids, and many monuments from this era have been preserved. • In 1916, the French established New Fez after the Kingdom of Morocco became a French protectorate for half a century in 1912. It is located west of the old city and is surrounded by a city wall.

Population figures for the city of Fes

The city has a total population of around one million people, according to the most recent census. It has surpassed Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh to become the Kingdom's fourth largest city. The majority of Fez's residents are the city's founders' descendants, who have lived in the same quarters for decades, passing down family history, family crafts, and antique technologies to the next generation.

What is the weather like in Fes?

The laws of the Mediterranean climate govern the weather in almost the entire Kingdom of Morocco, as well as in the city of Fes, causing the summer to be dry and extremely hot, and the calendar winter to be chilly and humid.

The nearby Altas Mountains have an effect on the climate's extreme seasonality, causing temperature differences between night and day. Summer averages are +26+27 degrees, with temperatures reaching +45 degrees on several occasions. Winter is defined by rain and cold temperatures; on average, the thermometer reads +12 to +14 degrees. May and June mark the start of summer.

Attractions in Fes

Most visitors to Morocco, and especially to the city of Fes, are thought to come for Al Qaraouine, a religious and educational complex. And the point is not only the significance of this location for all Muslims, but also its antiquity, as it was named the world's oldest operational university on its pages by the Guinness Book of Records. True, 859 is considered the complex's founding year. Aside from the city's old walls, tourists are drawn to Morocco by a religious attraction - the largest mosque at the educational complex and the tomb of Idris II, the city's founder.

The blue and white main gate of Bab Bu Dzhelud, with an intriguing adornment, and the Bou Inania Madrasah palace are notable. The old area of Shuara Tanners in Fez is a fascinating location where you can witness the entire process of leather production using ancient technologies. The Royal Palace, the Ibn Danan Synagogue, the Bab Dekaken Castle Gate, the Northern Fortress (Borj Nor), the Nejarin Fountain, and the Budzhelud Gardens are all worth seeing. Fes is also a place to get to if you take the 5 dias en Marruecos from Marrakech.

Fes recreation and entertainment

Fear not, Fes is a fairly traditional, devout, and peaceful city. You can go horseback riding or on a real horse journey in addition to visiting the sites and architecture. Fes also has an excellent golf course. We also enjoy tennis in the city because the Princess Lalla Meriem Grand Prix competition, which attracts the world's most famous and titled tennis players, is held here every year.

Among the local festivals and holidays are the Festival of Sacred Music in June, the Jazz Festival in Riads, and the Cherry Fair. If you're looking for typical city entertainment, you won't find it in a true Muslim city. Only the larger hotels have clubs, clubs, and discos on their premises. In addition, you can take classes in various local crafts such as calligraphy, pottery, Arabic music, and other enjoyable activities at the hotel.

Don't worry if you've come to improve your health; Fes has a plethora of hammams and baths. Furthermore, the city has its own thermal center, "Mulai-Yakub," which provides warm therapeutic springs.

Hotels in Fes

Surprisingly, the so-called "riads," which are historical buildings that have been converted into mini-hotels, are the most popular in Morocco's largest city. Riad Rcif or Riad Said, for example. Each "riad" is surrounded by a garden in which guests can stroll, play, relax, and even host dinner parties. Typically, these are 5-6-8 nice and comfortable rooms. Of course, there are several modern traditional hotel complexes here, but almost all of them are in New Fez. Most of the hotels in Fez offer the hot air balloon transfers to Marrakech.

Ramada Fes, Palais Faraj Suites & Spa, Les Mérinides, and other hotels are recommended. If necessary, affordable hotels 1 - 2 * and even hostels can be found in the city's historical district.

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