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Experience an Amish Schoolhouse - The Amish Farm and House

Amish Schoolhouse

Experience a unique part of American history and culture by visiting an Amish Schoolhouse. The Amish Farm and House, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, provides visitors with the opportunity to go back in time and explore the way of life of the Amish people. Step inside an authentic Amish schoolhouse and take a step back in time as you observe the traditional blackboard and desks that have been used for generations. Get a firsthand look at the educational system that has shaped the lives of many throughout their community. Learn about their lifestyle, values, and traditions, from education to farming practices. Guests will be amazed at how much they can learn while experiencing this unique piece.

Can you believe the Amish can’t even watch television?

It is truly astonishing to think that the Amish are not allowed to watch television. As a modern culture, we have become so accustomed to having access to television and other forms of media, that it can be difficult to imagine a life without them. The Amish community has strong religious beliefs which prevent them from engaging with practices such as television, as they believe it would have a detrimental effect on their faith and lifestyle. It is interesting to think about the lack of technology in their lives, as most of us find ourselves relying heavily on our phones and televisions for entertainment and news. This highlights the importance of living simply and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. For more info visit

Amish Schoolhouse

The Amish schoolhouse is a unique and important part of Amish culture. It's a place where children learn the basics of reading, writing, math, and other important skills that will help them in life. The schoolhouse emphasizes traditional values and teaches children to respect their elders and be humble. They also learn practical skills like carpentry, farming, and other essential trades that are necessary for the Amish way of life. The Amish school is an important part of the community, as it helps to keep traditions alive while also preparing children for a successful future.

Amish House & School

The Amish House and School is a very unique experience, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the traditional Amish lifestyle and culture. Visitors are welcomed into an authentic Amish home and school to get a taste of what life is like for the Amish community. The house includes an authentic kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and classroom that all feature original furniture and decorations from the Amish tradition. The school offers educational programs such as hands-on activities, lectures on topics such as history and language, cooking classes featuring traditional recipes, tours of local farms, and more. Visitors can also purchase handmade items from local artisans.

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