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7 Exciting Things You Must Do In Spain

Must Do In Spain

There are different reasons for travel. Some like to explore the adventure side, whereas some like to discover nature’s wonders, history, cuisine, language, roadway trips, and unusual places. A tour operator will help you firm up on travel logistics, accommodation, and bars to check out. But nothing can match the wandering lust, voyaging instinct, and endless experiences as European country Spain.

Spain has officially replaced the United States as the world’s second most popular tourism spot. And there are umpteen reasons to put Spain as a frontrunner in your travel wish-list. You will come across fishing villages placed between mountain valleys, olive groves, perfumery flower gardens, boulevards, museums, Barcelona soccer, Flamenco dance, modern art museums, golden shoreline, and much more. Like to know what makes Spain an inspiring and unforgettable destination? Read on.

1. Spot Dolphins And Whales In Tenerife.

Must Do In Spain

Fancy watching the cetacean species such as pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, amongst others in their natural environment? Go on a guided whale watching tours in Tenerife on an eco-friendly catamaran boat trip. You can choose from a 3-hour or 5-hour whale watching adventure slot. Food, drinks, and swimming are part of the planned itineraries. Expert crew commentary and underwater sound equipment bring unforgettable sea life to you.

2. Watch Art And Rhythm Of Flamenco.

Must Do In Spain

Spanish evenings are incomplete without catching up on Flamenco in Seville city. This centuries-old highly expressive art form combines instrumental guitar music, song, and dance. Roma or gypsies took centuries to grow into a Flamenco. Carry forward the locals’ spirit by yelling ‘ole!’ at the end of each flamenco set.

3. Visit Moorish Arches In Córdoba Mosque.

Must Do In Spain

Spain’s Andalusia region treats you to the stunning history and architecture of 10th century Mezquita de Córdoba. In short, the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. This UNESCO World Heritage Site mosque became a Cathedral after the Catholic conquest. About 850 Moorish pillars featuring double-striped arches and Gothic additions will stun you. The Córdoba mosque is an epitome of Islamic grandeur. The top of the bell tower gives you a fabulous view of Córdoba city.

4. Revel At Spanish Festivals.

Must Do In Spain

Spain has year-round festivals to light up your fun and celebrations. The Tomatina Tomato Fight is an epic food fight held every August where thousands flock to Bunol to have a blast with the locals. The Batalla de Vino is a wine-fighting crazy festival in June where buckets of Spanish red wine dumped on the crowds are cheer-worthy. The Ruta de la Tapas (route of Tapas) is pure revelry for your belly. At €2, you can try all kinds of snacks from local eateries.

5. Tuck Into A Meal At Botin, World’s Oldest Restaurant.

Founded in 1725, Restaurante Botin in Madrid is the oldest restaurant according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The delicious suckling pig and roasted lamb in Castilian style cooked by expert chefs on holm oak wood bring harmonious flavors to the table. Botin is not only a benchmark of Madrid’s traditional cuisines. It has won TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice 2020.

6. Bask In Ibiza’s Sun-Drenched Beach And NightLife.

Must Do In Spain

Ibiza treats you more than just A-list celebrities and glam. The gorgeous beaches and whitewashed villages in Ibiza’s rural interiors are a treat for nature and sea lovers. Swap your luxury hotel stay for “agroturismos”, rural farmhouses with hotel hospitality and feel. Homemade meals and slow-paced life are Ibiza’s luxuries lacking in modern city dwellings. Catch up on Spanish-island life with urban beaches, chic boutiques. You can also rent a home in Ibiza for your next visit. With bars, clubs, and fine dining, Ibiza offers you plenty of places to see, wander and discover till your next trip.

7. Say Cheers At La Rioja, Spain’s Most Famous Wine Region.

A wine-tasting experience at La Rioja is taking you closer to the most famous Spanish vineyard, producing the finest red table wine. La Rioja wine festival held in September will make you laud the enormity of its annual production of over 250 million liters. The city’s streets show festivities in full splendor. Wine culture, gastronomy, history, fiesta are your takeaways. Wander the ancient streets, explore Haro’s tapas bars, go on a private tour of the underground wine cellar to enjoy and indulge.

Final Thoughts

From architectural wonders and influences to beautiful beaches, archways, palaces, angled museums, iconic basilica, colorful buildings, brilliant fountains, soul-inspiring pilgrimage trail, traditional futból (soccer), and bar life, Spain has enough to fit your travel style and budget. Talk to a Spanish local for good tips and advice on which destination to visit and help you with logistics, like simple translations or organizing affordable rooms.

While booking your trip to Spain, check the weather and coronavirus updates and lawful permissions on inter-country travel. Carry hand sanitizers, masks, oral medicines, and emergency contact numbers for a fun-loving, fruitful, and hassle-free trip. Buen Viaje

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