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Top 5 Day Trips from Vienna to Get the Most out of Your Vacation

Austria’s proximity to many other top tourist countries makes it an appealing choice for many tourists. You can visit France, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland easily from Vienna. You can also see other parts of the country if you want to break away from the capital's allure. Check these 5 day trips from Vienna:

Take an Historical Trip to Salzburg

Trip to Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the top choices for tourists looking for day trips from Vienna. If you don’t have much time in the country and want to enjoy your time there optimally, you can also take this route. You can take a high speed train from Vienna to Salzburg, which will only take about two and a half hours.

Once you get to Austria, get ready to make many fun memories. You can start by visiting the house where the legendary composer, Mozart, was born. His childhood home has been turned into a museum, but you will feel exhilarated knowing you are standing where Mozart once walked.

Many tourists also love Salzburg for its relevance in pop culture. The Sound of Music took place and was filmed there. You can book a Sound of Music Tour to get an organized visit to major spots from the movie. Other things to do in Salzburg include visiting Fortress Hohensalzburg, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.

Spend a Picturesque Day in Budapest


Austria has many beautiful countries surrounding it, but some are preferred for their proximity. While there are France tour packages that may include a visit to Austria, some save you more time and cost. For instance, you can get to Budapest in Hungary within 3 hours if you take a bus from Vienna. This place is one of the top-rated day trips from Vienna.

Fondly called the “Paris of the East,” Budapest is a stunning city that offers a lot for visitors both during the day and at night. You can start your day by visiting spectacular sights, from architectural masterpieces to periodical art. You can then relax at one of the city’s signature therapeutic springs. At night, dress up to enjoy the infamous Budapest nightlife.

Top places to visit in Vienna include World Heritage Sites like Castle Hill, Fisherman’s Bastion, Heroes Square, Parliament buildings, and City Woodland Park. It may be impossible to visit all these places in one day, so book an organized tour to make the best of your time in the city.

Go On An Activity-Filled Visit to Prague


Prague offers one of the best day trips from Vienna. The reason for its popularity among Austrian tourists is the myriad of attractions it offers in addition to its picturesque beauty. The World Heritage Site boasts marvelous architecture and a unique feel of the past with its well-preserved setting. You can start relaxing by taking a walking tour of the Old Town Square. There, you can see old churches still standing, like the Tyn Church and the Jewish Quarter.

After leaving the Old Town, you can move to the New Town where you can experience the modern parts of the city. There are many incredible sights, including specialist restaurants and bustling shopping malls. It is also the site of the National Museum. A guided city tour will cover most of the top places to visit including the ones here and others like the National Theater.

Another must-do activity in Prague is to explore Prague Castle with the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus Basilica, and St. George’s Basilica. Don’t forget to visit the famous Charles Bridge and take pictures of the Vltava river flowing beneath it.

Explore The Wachau Valley and Melk Abbey

Wachau Valley and Melk Abbey

If you plan to stay within the country, you can make many great day trips from Vienna to get the most out of your vacation. A favorite among tourists is the Wachau Valley and the accompanying Melk Abbey. The Wachau Valley is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site, and the reason is apparent. The area stretches about 40 kilometers of stunning scenery, rich history, and fascinating culture.

Go with your camera to record memories of what everyone has been talking about. Start with the best shot you can get of the Danube River as it winds through the valley’s core, flowing past the buildings and hills. A food blogger will also have a great time here since the area is known for its spectacular dishes.

While at Wachau Valley, visiting the breathtaking Melk Abbey is a must. Other towns, Krems and Durnstein, offer many fun activities, but the Abbey makes Melk the most visited. This World Heritage Site is the home of the Benedictines, who provide tours of the stunning Abbey to visitors. One thing you should know is that there is no shortage of activities to enjoy during your day in Wachau Valley between the three towns.

See What Hallstatt is All About


Finally, leave one day in your itinerary to visit Hallstatt. This town is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire country. The scenery here makes it seem like you are in a fairytale you have never imagined. The cute homes are painted bright colors and adorned with beautiful flowers to provide a fantastic view of the lake flowing in the background. Another unmissable sight in the environment is the gorgeous Austrian Alps that seem to hide the town away from the rest of the world.

There are various ways to enjoy Hallstatt fully. You can begin with a train ride from Vienna before going on a walking tour of the town. After learning about the area’s history and taking gorgeous pictures, you can settle down for a relaxing boat ride. This activity will take you across the Hallstatter See to view the stunning waters UNESCO designated as a World Heritage Site.

Vienna has so many fascinating attractions that you can enjoy several days one after the other. However, there is a lot more to be seen outside the capital. Some of these trips last several hours, depending on the mode of transportation. However, some make great day trips without putting unnecessary strain on you. Plan your trip with particular attention to your transportation details. Your options will mostly be train, bus or car.

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