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The Cordial Places to Breath in the Netherlands


If we ask a traveller about the place of his desire to visit, the high chance of the answer is Europe. From the ancient period to the modern era, the whole continent Europe established herself as at a substantial place in the world’s history. Having similarity among the nations' behaviour, habits, languages and architectural erections, Europe is undoubtedly a significant area to visit. The histories vary from country to country.

The Netherlands is one of the countries, which as verdant as a leaf, as historical as an aged whiskey. The states and the cities are full of the artistry of times. From the time 800 BC to present, it is maintaining all the mannerism what a posh and top-notch nation or a country needs to maintain. Besides, her economic balance, industrial constructions, luminosity to stand against the natural disasters, brightness towards the culture and manners all have significant and remarkable notes for the rest of the world. Moreover, for these rationales, she is encountered as one of the well-developed countries.

As a solo traveller and like other travellers, my desired place was Europe as well. Moreover, this is another fact that if one traveller intends to visit a place, insomnia occurs until or unless he or she may rest in that destination. Hence, I was restless to visit Europe, and the most exciting country I found in the Netherlands. It made me amazed that plenty of websites are available, which proves how much welcoming the Europeans are. I had utilized Villaspot to know about my destinations and accommodation without facing any difficulties. I have covered around eight places and cities of the Netherlands, and I found the most three charming places.

1. Amsterdam

Trust me, this city speaks. And it speaks a lot. An alluring place situated in North Holland province, Amsterdam has beautiful scenery of Amstel River and its knots. The measurement of the area of this city is around 219 km2.

The conventional museums Rijks, Van Gogh and Anne Frank House belong to this city which no one would desire to miss. After stepping in the city from the artist to engineer, from the fresher to matured traveller, every person will never take a simple nap until visiting those spheres.

Another tourist attraction is the Red light area. It is always a controversial cake for the world because this area is famous for cannabis coffee and brothel. Nonetheless, the Netherlands takes this area and those facts lightly.

2. Hoge Veluwe Park

This place is a perfectly blended place for those who love nature from the core of the hearts. Nature is forming here on the area around 55 km2 including the wildlife and various types of trees. The tourists find this place untouched and tender to breathe.

Kroller Muller is a museum and an attraction toward the park. Moreover, the Moseonder is the place of the beautifully sculptured garden, and it stands in this park area.

I am not sure about the fact, the authority always provides the facility of bikes or not. However, when I went there, many bikes were standing for free to travel. One could take the benefit to roam around the area.

3. Garden of Europe, Keukenhof

It the second largest garden the world and a place should never be missed while breathing in the Netherlands. It is situated in the mid of the Amsterdam and The Hague. Moreover, the best time to visit this beautiful region is spring. During autumn, farmers plant around seven million flower plant bulbs which spread the fragrances and make our visions full of green and fresh feelings.

In spring, the flowers bloom and form the Keukenhof as one of the most pronouncing colourful spheres in the earth.

Eventually, if one does not believe in a miracle, after being in this country and visiting the places and cities, he will start believing the miracle. The Netherlands is not just a country with history, the moisture of culture and nature, infinity magical objects as well.

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