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Elevate Your Next Vacation with
These 10 Classic Whisky Cocktails

Real whisky lovers know how a good bourbon or whisky can elevate any experience. For those new to the game, there are a few details you need to understand to get started. Begin by learning the distinction between bourbon and whiskey. Then taste different casks and ages to find the right one for you. Once you are confident in your whisky choices, you can start to branch out and find your perfect drink. As you travel, try one of these classic whisky cocktails to help elevate your experience.

Old Fashioned

One of the oldest cocktails in America, at its core, an Old Fashioned is a simple drink: bourbon or whiskey, sugar, Angostura bitters and a little water. However, this centurion libation has become something of the bartender's specialty. When traveling, take the opportunity to find out how your mixologist has made this drink their own. The simplicity of this drink has allowed for some exciting variations. For example, you may find the Bacon Old Fashioned, which utilizes bacon-infused whiskey, maple syrup and coffee pecan bitters. By making the most of the multitude of bitters, whiskies and sweets, bartenders can invent an Old Fashioned that reflects both their culture and tastes.


If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a drink that delivers a punch, look no further than the Godfather. This drink is as simple as it is strong. This cocktail is built with two ingredients: whisky and amaretto; however, you can add bitters for an added flavor profile. You can take advantage of different whiskies to personalize the flavor to you. If you are a fan of smoky whiskeys, then have this made with a smoky whisky like the Laphroaig 10 to make the drink your own. Alternatively, put yourself in the trustworthy hands of your bartender and try their whisky to help you enjoy some local flavors.

Irish Coffee

Picture this, as you plan for cruises 2022, you can see just how it will go. You roam out to the deck as you enjoy the perfect Irish Coffee while watching the glaciers and seas surround you. This drink is just the energy kick you need to start your day or keep you going for a long night out. As you sip on this sweet caffeinated treat, you can soak up the morning sun, debate the latest news or indulge in a rich dessert. However or whenever you enjoy your coffee, Irish Coffee is your vacation alternative. Let this warm, classic beverage help you start your day and get your vacation started right.

Hot Toddy

Wherever you go for your first post-COVID trip, disease concerns will probably weigh heavily on your mind. Ease your worries with a Hot Toddy, the alcohol lovers answer to hot tea. This treat can help warm you on your ski vacation or cool any nerves you have from travel. If you are looking for the ideal relaxer, you’ve found it in this perfect amalgamation of honey, lemon and, most importantly, whisky. If you aren’t sure which whisky is best, rest at ease, they all work perfectly for this comfort drink. On your next vacation, take a break with a calming Hot Toddy.


There are a few theories behind the name of this next cocktail and, no matter which you subscribe to, there is no arguing that after a few sips of this classic drink, it will transport you to the urban sprawl of a city. A staple to menus around the globe the Manhattan is the perfect way to start a night of adventure in a foreign cosmopolitan. Made with a base of whisky and bitters, this cocktail uses vermouth to distinguish itself from the Old Fashion for a unique but tasty treat. No matter where the road takes you, you can enjoy Manhattan to help you keep the night going.

Vieux Carre

If Bourbon Street hasn’t been calling your name, then you haven’t tried a Vieux Carre. This New Orleans classic is a staple to the city and a must-have for all whisky lovers. Book yourself one of the city's luxury hotels and make your way to the lobby bar to try this New Orleans specialty. This smooth cocktail mixes bourbon with vermouth and cognac, all tied together with some Benedictine and dashes of Peychaud and Angostura Bitters. This blend of flavors may not be something you are familiar with but will serve as an instant reminder of your time in the Big Easy. You might just make this your go-to drink whenever you travel.


If you are looking for the Negroni’s bold cousin, you have found it in the Boulevardier. This tasty treat mixes the bittersweet orange zest of Campari with the complex flavors of whisky for an unforgettable experience. Whether sitting along Venetian canals or relaxing on Thai beaches, the Boulevardier is the perfect companion drink to your travels. If you are feeling adventurous, see if the bartender has their own variation to try. Thanks to the simplicity of technique required to make one, you can recreate your vacation at home whenever you miss traveling. Don't forget to ask which ingredients are used in your favorite version to let you reproduce the experience anytime you want.


Picture yourself on the streets of Tokyo, looking for a nightcap before you return to your room. As you make your way into your local izakaya, salarymen line the tables, all enjoying their favorite drink, the Highball. This ubiquitous drink, while simple in its make, is the go-to drink for many around the globe. When ordering a Highball, you want to be sure to pay attention to which ingredients are used as there is no hiding the flavors of either. For those who are new to whisky, this drink offers a great way to introduce yourself to the ample spectrum of tastes available in every bottle.


Sazerac is one of those cocktails you see on a bar menu but may not try. However, you would be wrong to pass up on this flavorful drink. Another New Orleans classic, the Sazerac is a must-have for any whisky lover. While similar to the Old Fashioned, this drink makes use of absinthe for an extra depth of flavor. While most whisky cocktails allow you some freedom of choice in whisky to make this drink, you need to stick to a rye-based blend. Outside of that, you can enjoy some variations with your absinthe choices. Make this drink your go-to cocktail, whenever and wherever you go.

Straight Whiskey

While not technically a cocktail, knowing how to enjoy a good whisky properly is an art form. For those getting started, you will most likely want to order it on the rocks, or simply put, with ice. However, you do not want to use regular ice cubes as they melt quicker; instead, make use of large ice blocks for slower melt times. If you prefer your whisky neat, no ice, try putting a drop of water in it to help open up the full flavor profile. Finally, use a proper whisky glass that lets you smell the drink before imbibing it.

Wherever you go, the right whisky drink will help you elevate your travels and create memories for years to come.

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