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A Guide to Choosing a Galapagos Cruise

You may already know about some of the main cruise liners that accommodate more than 1000 passengers at a time. These cruise liners sail across the globe and provide a host of entertaining activities to choose from. With all these interesting and luxurious features, your trip is guaranteed to be pleasurable from start to finish.

Despite the fact that the media and the big shots of advertising and marketing have secured very solid concepts when you think about taking a vacation on one of these cruise liners, it is important to consider that the cruise liner itself is in some cases just a means to travel to the places where your magical expedition awaits you.

If you love the thought of traveling to a remote place and where most of the entertainment associated with your cruise will mainly rely on the destinations that you plan to visit. Then Galapagos is among the more interesting islands you should be searching for without having to leave behind the superior standards of luxury, amenities, and customer service that is synonymous with a luxury cruise liner.

The magical experiences that await you within the archipelago of Galapagos, mainly occur in the fascinating ecosystems that are present in this amazing place. Whether this involves land expeditions, scuba diving or snorkeling activities, the exotic marine life, and creatures on and around these islands will astound you. The calm and friendly nature of many of the exotic animals as you encroach on their territory is a reminder that you should respect their fragility.

The exciting experiences you are about to discover on a trip to the archipelago is mainly focused on the wildlife that you are about to discover. At the same time, what makes these vacations a sterling success would be your accommodation while you sail from one island to the next. This is when a customized small luxury cruise will perfectly complement your discerning taste along with world-class amenities and superior service.

The laws and rules of the National Park along with the Government of Ecuador state that the maximum guests allowed on a cruise while sailing through the Galapagos Natural Reserve is 100 passengers. The local crew varies from 20 to 30 members depending on the boat options you choose. There are cruises available with this capacity that operates in these islands. They might seem very different to the main cruise liners that you might have taken a previous vacation to the Caribbean Islands, yet the main difference remains the idea of this trip along with the services onboard.

Tips on How To Choose a Small Cruise in Galapagos

In many cases, international cruises are mainly focused on the journey, along with luxurious amenities made available to the guests, and the destination harbors that the liners stop at along these routes. There are even cruise liners that sail out to nowhere, which are also known as "no-where voyages" where the ship takes a 2 to 3-day trip out into the deep ocean without arriving in any port.

Quite the Experience

The archipelago of Galapagos is an entirely different experience for travelers who may only be used to enjoying a vacation on a cruise liner. Galapagos is dedicated to nature lovers where there is so much to explore with vast regions that are made up of volcanic remains. Any travel consultant will tell you that the smaller cruise ships are far better if you are looking for a meaningful and memorable vacation in the archipelago. Many of the yachts in the area that operate in the same way as cruises around these islands can accommodate up to 16 passengers. These smaller vessels help to lower the impacts of too many tourists at once and the negative effects that it can create in this natural and unspoiled environment.

Some of the main benefits of these small cruises is a way to make friends with your fellow passengers, and the experienced crew and an expert naturalist guide. To ensure an enjoyable and successful journey you are encouraged to form friendships with fellow travel mates and your ability to adapt to how these yachts perform out on the water along with an appreciation for the host, the culture, the country along with its people.

Learn About Surroundings

One of the other important elements regarding the support and dedication of the team during these expeditions includes your willingness to interact and learn from your natural surroundings along with all its wonders. On each of the islands that you will be visiting, you will find out about the history and flora and fauna that are unique to each island. Your naturalist guide provides relevant and interesting information about the wildlife in these areas, their breeding season, nesting areas of birdlife, about the sea lions, marine iguanas, land iguanas, giant tortoises and more. You are also able to ask your guide questions about each natural site that you visit. Being in a small group allows you to learn a lot more out of each adventure.

Since you will be traveling in a small group, you become part of one of those adventures of a lifetime, where you get to witness the behaviour and natural interactions of many creatures in their natural habitats. Even the best academic institutions in the world cannot match up to the privilege of being able to learn from nature up close and personal.


After a full day of adventure, you get to return to the comforts and safety of the cruise ship. Some of the popular amenities to look forward to include the sunbeds and a Jacuzzi in the solarium where you can relax and recharge for your next adventure. 

Other amenities you can expect include a social area with a large modern lobby, plush sofas, and an upscale dining room. There is also an intimate bar serving fine wines, exported beer, and cocktails which is a great place to socialize and unwind after a long day of fun and adventure. There is also an LED TV, a bookshelf packed with books, a laptop allowing you to upload all your latest images that you have captured throughout the day, along with cold water, tea, and coffee available at all times for your convenience.

Some of these small cruises also offer fast SPA services for those that booked ahead of time. The cabins are stylish and beautifully decorated with light balls, small LED TVs, colorful sofas, DVD players, and private bathrooms, providing you with comfort and privacy.

When you travel on one of these small cruises you will get to know the rest of the group after spending time socializing together, eating together, and participating in activities together. This is a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share your passion for adventure. These cruises are one of the best ways to enjoy the awe-inspiring experiences that these islands have to offer.

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