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Choosing the Right Migration Agent

Choosing the Right Migration Agent

Choosing the right migration agent has a significant impact on your visa application. It can sometimes determine whether or not your application will go through. However, finding the right migration agent can be challenging.

There are so many agents out there offering Migration services in Perth. But how can you tell which one is the best? Well, if you consider some tips, you can find the right migration agent. If you’re curious to know about those factors, read along.

Tips for choosing the right migration agent

Here are some factors or tips you need to keep in mind while looking for a migration agent: -

  1. MARA Registered 
    Now, this is the first thing you should be looking for. MARA is known as the Migration Agents Registration Authority. MARA is a body that regulates all the migration agents here in Australia. It also tells whether or not the migration agent is good enough to offer the best advice.

    If your migration agent is not registered, you won’t be able to if he has the required knowledge about Australia’s migration laws or not. A MARA registered agent has to stay updated with the migration law. And it is the reason why you should look for a MARA registered agent.

  2. Look for reviews and ratings.
    The best way to find how genuine the migration agent is by checking the reviews. Apart from checking the reviews on the agent’s website check for google reviews too. Google reviews cannot be morphed or edited. Read through the reviews and check what clients have to say about the migration agent.

    Look only for a migration agent that has at least a 4star average rating. Otherwise, you should move on to your list of migrating agents.

  3. Look for an experienced Migration Agent. 
    An experienced migration agent is quite crucial for your migration process. Australia’s migration system is not something you can master in months. It requires years of practice to get to know about all the migration rules and regulations. So, make sure that you look for an experienced migration agent.

    While searching, you’ll find some migration agents offering cheap migration services. This is something you need to stay away from. You should avoid the prices that are too good to be true. This way, you may have to spend more money, but it’ll be worth the effort.

  4. Arrange a face-to-face consultation. 
    Now, this may sound pretty cliché, but people ignore this fact. When you’re spending good money on your visa application, you need to know that you’re making the right decision. Otherwise, all this research is of no use.

    Some agents offer free consultation while others might charge. Prefer face-to-face interaction over the phone. However, if you’re overseas, you can arrange a skype call with your migration agent. When you meet or interact, you need to ask a few questions like: -

    • What’s your experience?
    • How do you deal with migration procedures?
    • Are you aware of the latest migration laws and policies?

    This is crucial to know how genuine the migration agent is.

  5. Look for a migration agent with a high success rate.
    Find a migration agent with a high success rate. For this, you can simply call the migration agent and ask for the same. If the success rate is impressive, you can invest your time and money with the agent. Otherwise, you need to find someone else.

    Sometimes, migration agents take up every case they come across. And this is what reduces the success rate. So, keep an eye on the success rate before making a choice.

  6. Check what fee the migration agent charges.
    This is another important factor to consider. You should not go for an agent asking for a too low or too high fee. A competitive price that lies in the middle would do. It’s because unnecessarily low prices unusually indicate fraud. And a price too high is always hard to pay.

    So, ask what’s the fee the agent charges for the migration process. Make sure to check if there are any hidden charges too.

What are the benefits of choosing the right migration agent?

Why is it important to keep the above tips in mind while searching for a migration agent? Well, it is because of the benefits the best migration agent can bring along. Here are some benefits of choosing the right migration agent: -

Up to date information

A registered migration agent can provide you with the latest and most accurate information. This is something you’ll need the most. Sometimes, noncompliance to the latest visa policies can result in the rejection of the application. It’s the reason why you should go for the right migration agent.


Complete knowledge about the migration laws is also necessary. Its because migration laws are subject to regular updates. And if your agent is not aware of the laws, your application might not get through. So, prefer the best available migration agent.

Better Success Rate

If you put in the time to research, you can find an agent with a high success rate. And this will improve the chances of your application getting through on the first attempt.

Final Word

Migration is a complex process. Therefore, you need an absolute expert to get everything done the way you want. You need to make sure that the migration agent is experienced, professional, registered, and highly rated. These tips can aid you to find the best migration agent in Australia.

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