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How to Choose the Best Travel Journal

The world we are living in currently has become a technological world. There is an app for everything. However, there will never be a substitute for drafting your own notes down, doodling, and using a pencil or pen to put down your thoughts on a physical paper. Writing on an unusually designed paper clips, or pristine notebooks, is therapeutical, it is like soothing the soul. In addition, the best companion on a trip is a journal to note down places, or write down thoughts as you wander in new places. To help you select the best travel journal, whether you are looking for a leather bound journal or something simpler, below are a few tips...

1. Cover

You should get a travel journal that will withstand the trip even during rough rides. The cover should be strong enough to hold the pages together. Some people also prefer attractive covers that will motivate them to keep the journal on hand, hence encourage them to write more. Leather covers are not only strong enough to hold the notebook together, but also they age beautifully. For vegetarians who prefer a different kind of cover, there are other well designed hardcovers that also hold the pages well.

2. Size

The duration of the trip will determine how big your travel journal will be. However, remember to buy an average sized journal that will not be cumbersome to carry around. A bigger journal means you have more space to put down your thoughts on, but it could also mean more weight to carry in your backpack or handbag.

3. Customization

While travelling, many people look for journals they can customize its contents to suit their style and personality. If you prefer such a travel journal, check if the journal has different inserts that can be bound together with a ring binder or elastics. The inserts allow you to get creative with how you organize your travel journal. You can get different colour of pages or different inserts styles and bind them together to make you journal more attractive and more stylish. However, there are people who prefer a standard book style journal. Book style bound journal helps you to avoid buying refill inserts, and with time you can have a number of travel journals to keep. In addition, unlike the customizable journal, with a book style bound journal, you do not need to worry about how you will store the loose inserts once they are filled.

4. Type of paper

The type of paper will depend on the type of writing. If you love doodling much than writing, then consider a travel journal that is not ruled, dotted or squared. On the other hand, if you intend to write much on your journal, then get one that will allow you to organize your thoughts systematically. If you prefer different types of paper in your journal, then a customizable journal will come in handy. The type of pen you will use will also determine the type of paper your journal should have. Heavier papers are ideal for marker pens, while lighter papers are ideal for ball pens or pencils.

5. Extras

Apart from doodling and writing in your travel journal, you can also use it to keep receipts, tickets, maps or travel photos. Therefore, consider a journal that has extras such as inserts and pockets to help you keep the loose items intact. Many journals also come with elastic binders to keep the notebook closed, pen holders and bookmarks as extras.

A travel journal is important to note down your experiences, lessons, adventure stories, memories and discovery. Get the right notebook for your trip to get the best experience.

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