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The Complete China Travel Checklist
for a Hassle-Free Vacation

China Travel

Are you excited to plan a vacation to a new and exotic location? Have you been thinking about visiting China to see all its wonderful landmarks and rich culture? If so, you need to be prepared before heading to a new destination you don't know much about.

Keep reading for a China travel checklist you should use to get ready for your international trip.

Preparation Before the Trip

Once you have decided that you would like to explore China, you will need to have the appropriate documentation before you can enter the country. You will not be able to receive a visa when you arrive. You will need to apply for a visa before you leave on your trip, which can be a financial risk if you don't get it approved.

To apply for a visa, you will need to either have a letter of invitation from a friend or relative who lives in the country or a detailed itinerary of your travel plans. This itinerary will need to include what hotels you are staying at and your return ticket to your home. This means you have to book your travel information before you are sure you are going to be approved for the visa.

You should also plan on applying for your visa well in advance of your trip so you won't experience any delays if you don't receive it right away. You should also verify if there are any travel restrictions or vaccinations required before you decide to travel.

It is also a great idea to learn a few key phrases to help with communication while you are traveling abroad. You should start by learning how to say hello in Chinese, how to say goodbye, and some other basic phrases that will help you navigate your day to day situations. Most people are not fluent or familiar with English outside of Beijing or Shanghai.

Packing the Essentials

When you are beginning to pack for your big trip, you should make a checklist of things that you will need and things that you would like to bring, ordering in order of importance. You won't be able to take a large number of items with you on your vacation so you need to make sure you have all your essentials packed first.

Start by packing your passport, travel visas, identification, travel tickets, money, and other important documents in locations that will remain on your person at all times. These essential items are the most critical items you will need for your entire trip, so you will need them at hand at all times. Make sure they are protected in a waterproof bag to help prevent any water damage in case you are caught in the rain.

When packing these items, you should also be careful not to have them all together in one place. Do not have all your money together, but spread around in your pockets and do not keep your identification and credit card together. This way if you are the victim of a pickpocket or thief, they do not get all of your money and important documents, leaving you helpless in another country.

Also, keep in mind that the only form of currency accepted in the country is the Chinese Yuan and most places will only accept cash. You will need to make sure that you have enough money exchanged before leaving on your trip since there are not many international ATMs in China. This will make it difficult to get more cash if you run out, so make sure you stick to your budget while you are traveling.

Clothing and Other Materials

China is a huge country and the climate can be vastly different from one area to the next. Before packing for your trip you should check what the weather will be like at your destination and then pack your clothing accordingly. Make sure to include some clothes you can wear for when you need to be comfortable and relaxed.

You should also pack clothes that dry easily so you don't have to be wet all day if you get caught in the rain, or if you need to wash something and pack it away quickly. Bring a few items of formal clothing in case you need to dress nicely for dinner or to wear at certain locations. You should also bring a lightweight jacket for use if it rains or if the weather cools in the mornings and evenings.

When packing your toiletries, you should also add plenty of toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer. These items are not readily available everywhere you visit, only the nicer restaurants and hotels will provide it, so it is better to be prepared than caught without.

Food and Drink

You must be careful about what food and drink you consume while traveling abroad. You do not want to drink any tap water in China, it is not clean or filtered and can give you a very bad case of food poisoning. Plan on bringing a water bottle that you can carry with you wherever you visit.

Real Chinese food tastes different than the food you might be accustomed to at your local take out restaurant. The flavors are much stronger and might be unfamiliar. However, this is a great time to get out and explore new things. If you aren't sure what you are ordering, ask your waiter to explain it to you before ordering.

Street food is very prevalent in Asian culture and you can find many delicious foods there. To avoid getting sick, only visit stands that are popular among the locals. These should be easy to spot because they will have a long queue or plenty of people around it.

Plan Your Visit With the China Travel Checklist Today

With this China travel checklist, you should be able to get prepared for your international traveling adventure. Make sure you have your visa ready before you leave home, bring plenty of cash, and pack the appropriate clothing and essentials. Also, have fun trying new foods and drinks, just be careful where you get them from and remember to have fun!

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