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Where Are the Cheapest Holiday Destinations
on the UK’s Green List?

It’s official – holidays are back ON! As the globe eases out of coronavirus panic and firmly into the ‘new normal’, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and start to plan for the months ahead. At present, the UK stipulates the Covid-19 safety requirements on a traffic light system of risk, with green, amber and red categories signifying the risk of infection for each. The green list is the safest and least restricted category for travel, with the amber list slightly increased and the red list heavily policed.

This, by its nature, promotes travel to the green list over all other categories, but with government now allowing travellers from countries on the amber the chance to exit quarantine early, test to release kits will help many make the decision of where to book even if it begins to look likely that a preferred green destination may be re-categorised.

So where on the green list is worth a visit that won’t break the bank? Let’s investigate…

European Green List Destinations

The ever-changing nature of the traffic light travel system means that some of the cheaper destinations that were on the green list were quickly booked up and so were shifted to the amber not long after. However, there are still some bargain holiday destinations currently ranked as green!

The Portuguese island of Madeira is a cheap place to holiday with lots of package vacations available online. You can stay in this little slice of tropic off the African coast for less than €400 a week, and can expect to pay about €1 for an espresso, €1.60 for a bottle of beer and €2.80 for a bottle of wine.

Malta, although by no means the cheapest destination in Europe, is also fairly reasonable for holidaymakers. There’s certainly lots to do on the island that can be considered at a premium, but it can also be explored on a shoestring – with plenty of supermarket and self-catering options around and lots of public transport, there’s no need to be limited by budget.

Bulgaria is frequently ranked as one of the cheapest sunshine holiday destinations in Europe, but has recently closed its borders to British tourists. This is, however, a situation expected to change soon, so updates to travel requirements should be closely followed.

Long Haul Green List Destinations

If you’re willing or able to travel a little further than the continent for your summer 2021 vacation, there’s certainly lots of more exotic destinations that offer good value for money.

Dominica, currently on the green list, is often considered the cheapest Caribbean island to visit. Although groceries can be expensive due to the amount of imports required, hotel and travel packages are usually cheap in comparison to other territories nearby. There’s less tourist attractions than elsewhere, but when you’re somewhere that naturally beautiful, what else do you need?!

For a city break further afield, Taiwan (also currently categorised as green, with an excellent viral infection rate and successful vaccination programme) is uncrowded and favourable in price compared with the rest of Southeast Asia. Not a tourist hotspot but definitely somewhere worth visiting, you can expect to pay about €24.00 for a three-course meal, €1.70 for a bottle of beer and €3.60 for a pack of cigarettes.

There are many more expensive destinations categorised as green currently, but with the list updating every 3 weeks, there’s plenty of potential for more affordable options to become accessible. The best possible cause of action is to test regularly and get vaccinated – ready for everything to re-open and for you to jump straight back into international travel!

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