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7 Tips for Planning the
Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon


Your perfect wedding requires months of planning. After all, you have the big day coming: choosing the best wedding planner, dress, venue, cake, seating arrangements, family obligations, etc. you’re preparing for the best day ever. But what about your dream honeymoon?

Your wedding is probably six to eight hours long, whereas your honeymoon is fifteen to twenty days long - once-in-a-lifetime trip. You get to spend quality time as newlyweds, so why not plan to make it a memorable trip for the rest of your lives?

The Caribbean is full of fun to visit during your honeymoon. Whether you're looking for ultra-romantic getaway locales, inexpensive honeymoon resorts, or a combination of both, you've come to the right place. A Sandal’s honeymoon packages are designed to create lasting memories with the love of your life.

Let’s dive in to see 7 top tips on how to create an ideal Caribbean honeymoon for your partner.

1. Start Planning Early To Get The Best Deals!

Soon you decide your wedding venue, date, caterer, photographer, planner, etc. start planning about your honeymoon. The earlier you plan, the sooner you get deals, and the less you have to worry about it. Do you want to go for 3 weeks or just for 5 days? How far you want to travel? Do you care more about incredible nature, stunning views, or unique experiences? These are all essential questions that you and your partner should answer together. And if you have a specific destination in mind, just get to it!

2. Renew/Obtain Your Passport

If you have a passport, check if it needs renewal. And if you don’t have it, get it soon. Sometimes, there are time restrictions placed by authorities on when you can get passport for specific locations. So try to get it at your earliest!

Now, after you are done with the booking process, have a little cocktail with your partner!

3. Decide Your Accommodation

All-inclusive resorts are perfect for a honeymoon, especially for couples who’re tight on a budget. Just imagine you are away from home, so you have to purchase water, coffee, cocktail, snack, and every single meal on the spot. This scenario does not scream relaxation, as you will have to worry about spending dollars every time you’re thirsty or hungry. Our advice is to weigh all your budgetary options before you plan your honeymoon.

4. Go Shopping

All newlyweds want to look cute on their honeymoon – and they should care about it! It would be great if you start shopping early like 3 to 4 weeks before leaving. This strategy will never STRESS you out.

But before you shop, know what climate you will be getting on your chosen destination, keep your eyes open for sale items and snag them without wasting much time. This is called smart planning as you’ll be going to fill your suitcase with the best affordable things.

5. Schedule A Day To Rest

One of the biggest mistakes couples make on honeymoon is that they try to visit too many places each day, that they don’t have the opportunity to rest. Finding that balance between fun and rest is an art, so make sure you do it well. Also, give yourself enough time to rest in between your big day and your honeymoon. If you don’t take much from this post, take this advice seriously.

6. Stay Connected

While you’re enjoying your trip, let your loved ones know you’re safe. Send photos to the family every now and then, but don’t get busy catching up with friends on the Facebook or Instagram.

Relax. Lay on the beach all day. Drink all your favorite drinks. Eat all you can eat. Hang with the locals. Go for an adventure. Take pictures. Enjoy each other.

7. Best Sandals Resorts For Your Honeymoon In Caribbean

Every Sandals honeymoon resort sits on six of the gorgeous islands with the best luxury all-inclusive resort experience. Not only does an advisor plan your trip but also take care of all the little details, so you can get the VIP treatment everywhere you go.

Are you ready to make Sandals Caribbean resorts your next honeymoon destination? If yes, check rates and availability now!

Believe us, if you follow these 7 tips, you will stay stress-free on your way to perfect honeymoon!

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