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Why Canada Is The Most Preferred Choice of Immigration From Dubai in 2021

Every year, thousands of people living in the UAE apply to migrate to Canada and 2021 will be no exception. Actually, the UAE is the fifth most popular country of residence for Express Entry candidates after the likes of Canada, India, the United States of America and Nigeria. Out of the people who migrate from the UAE, most are expatriates. And when it comes to applying for a Canada PR from Dubai, both citizens and foreign expats have an equal chance to qualify.

Although there is a high quality of life in the UAE, many people simply choose to migrate to Canada for a variety of reasons. Like a high chance to Canadian Citizenship, free health care, more job opportunities, quality education and an overall better quality of life. But, moving from Dubai to Canada is not straightforward and you may require the help of a Canada visa consultant in Dubai.

Why Canada is most preferred destination of immigration from Dubai

Living in Canada

Canada is a huge country varying in its citizens, nature, climate etc. and hence the Canadian way of living is also quite different for each individual. But, Canadians share some crucial values like pride, a sense of equality and diversity and mutual admiration for all citizens. Due to this reason, Canada is an extremely friendly and peaceful country to start a new life for a migrant. As an immigrant, you get full liberty to practice your religion and there are no restrictions from the government. In total, there are 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada but the majority of the population is concentrated near the US border. So, the population density in Canada is one of the lowest in the world so you can ensure a peaceful stay in the country. If you are looking for migration options for yourself and family, you must get in touch with one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada.

Quality of Education

Dubai has never had a good reputation when it comes to Education, but Canada has always been renowned over the world for its universities and colleges which provide world class education. Due to this reason, thousands of students come to each and every province of Canada annually to pursue their higher education from their dream university of college. There are various kinds of courses on offer and international students love to study in Canada which gives them a better shot at life when they are new migrants in the country. Moreover, it has always been one of the safest places for international students to pursue their dreams. Additionally, you also have an option to apply for a Canadian PR after your education so that international students can become permanent Canadian citizens. If you are thinking about what to study in Canada or how to work on your PR, you must contact one of the best canadian immigration consultants Dubai.

Working in Canada

Canada is known all over the world as the land of opportunities because it provides lots of job opportunities to international skilled workers in almost all the provinces. Due to skill shortages in the country, employers are always looking to employ overseas skilled employees. Hence, there is a huge demand for overseas skilled workers in the industries like IT, healthcare, construction etc. Overseas skilled workers can also apply for a Canadian citizenship after working for three years in the country. Get in touch with one of the best Canada work visa consultants in Dubai for smooth immigration process.

Cost of Living

Canada offers a great quality of life at an affordable rate. Food in the costliest city of Toronto is still more than 20% cheaper than the food available in Dubai. Housing is also cheaper in Canada when compared to the costliest neighborhoods in Dubai. Moreover, healthcare is also free in Canada for someone who has a Canadian citizenship. If you are planning to migrate to Canada, you will be amazed at the quality of life you can afford in Canada from day 1.

Final Word

By looking at the above points, it is evident why Canada is one of the most preferred choices of immigration from Dubai in 2021. Apart from these advantages, Canada has a good public transit system if you live close to the downtown area or else you can purchase a car only if the need be. Moreover, there is no restriction on the kind of clothing you can wear or the language that you speak or the food that you can eat. It is one of the most flexible countries with ultimate freedom for each of its individuals. If you are looking to migrate to Canada with your family in 2021, contact one of the best pr consultancy for Canada in Dubai and embark on your journey to the land of opportunities.

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