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Bucket List Adventures: Fun Ways to
Explore and Experience a New City

When it comes to bucket lists, most people associate them with travel. Yes, bucket lists can be made in various aspects of your life including your career and personal goals but the most common use of it is indeed related to travel.

A broad definition of bucket list would be a collection of goals/aspirations that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Some people base their bucket lists on an age frame, like wanting to accomplish something before 40. But take that definition and put it in relation to travel.

Most people make travel bucket lists and base them on locations or “thrillist,” death-defying adventures… and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people even try to challenge themselves by traveling alone.

By having a destination bucket list, it gives you the push to try and visit those locations before you hit your “cut-off mark,” so to say. But have you ever considered making a bucket list for not only where you travel to but also for how you explore a destination?

If you think about it, exploring a new city is also a deeper level of experiencing a city. Whether you’re in India or Tennessee, to explore a city is to truly experience it. If you’re having a hard time creating your bucket list, here are a few pointers on how to not only visit a new city but to explore and experience it as well.

Talk to Strangers (the Locals)

This is really the only time where it’s okay to talk to strangers, despite what we’ve been told as kids. And to be quite honest, the “strangers” you talk to are actually more than likely natives of the destination you’re visiting, so to them, you’re the stranger, not them!

Talking to the locals is one of the best ways to get a real experience of the destination you’re visiting. They know all the best parts of the city, they know where to get the best food, and it never hurts just simply sparking up a conversation with them… Who knows, talking to them, you might end up meeting your soulmate, or be presented with a wonderful work opportunity in the future.

So don’t be so afraid to talk to people on your bucket list adventures… The “strangers” are sometimes the very ones who make your adventures the most memorable.

Experience the Food

Experiencing the food in a new city is an absolute must. Did you know that there are people who consider themselves “foodies” and actually travel the world just to taste foods from different countries? Yes… there are people who base their entire travels on various food locations…

You don’t necessarily have to experience food to quite that extreme but it is very important that you experience local food and try to stay away from food that you can get at home as much as possible. Just think about it… If you’re in Chicago, home of Chicago-style pizza, why on Earth would you go to Pizza Hut to get a Chicago-style pizza when there are tons of “mom and pops” pizza eateries that serve authentic Chicago-style pizza?

Whenever you’re in a new city, whether in the US or in a foreign country, always try the local foods. Nine times out of ten, if you talk with the locals, they’ll be able to tell you all the best places to eat.

Charter a Bus

Chartering a bus to explore a city is perfect for large groups. If you’re part of a sports club or social organization with lots of members, renting a charter bus is the perfect way to explore a city together.

For example, when large groups of people visit Los Angeles, they always rent a charter bus through US Coachways to see all that LA has to offer. For one, the drivers know where they’re going and are experienced on the crazy LA roads. Secondly, it gives your group the opportunity to take in all the sights together.

This is a great option whether you’re spending 48 hours in LA or a week. US Coachways is very accommodating to all their clients. Check them out the next time you’re heading to LA.

Get Lost

Getting lost can be one of the scariest feelings ever but it’s not that bad when you intentionally do it and have a map or have Google Maps to get you back on course. What people fail to realize about getting lost is seeing the beauty in it. There are so many hidden gems in cities that travel sites and brochures fail to tell you about.

According to the Huffington Post, the best way to practice the art of getting lost is to first do it in your own city. You would simply go to an area of your city and just start walking around and seeing what you can find. Once you get to a point where you don’t know where you are, pay attention to how you’re feeling at that moment. This is going to help you feel more at ease when getting lost in a new city.

So, while you’re out on your bucket list adventures, step away from the typical tourist areas and venture into areas where the locals hang or just areas that aren’t on your list of things to see and do. Sometimes, these off-the-beaten-course locations are the ones that make your adventures “one for the books.”

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