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10 British Camping Sites Accessible By Car

10 British Camping Sites


Craving for a summer getaway? Unfortunately for most of us, with the travel restrictions in place, going overseas may not be possible and prudent at the moment. However, a cozy camping holiday can be a fulfilling experience for you and your family this summer instead. 

Now is a great time to take time to revisit the great variety of natural sites that the United Kingdom has to offer that most of us may have neglected in favor of the more fancy holidays. In fact, some of these destinations may be a hidden gem for many of us who have not paid a personal visit ourselves. Here are the top ten destinations in the United Kingdom that one can drive to, and they double as great camping sites for an unforgettable holiday.

The Lake District, Cumbria

The Main Farm Caravan Site is a wonderful campsite in this rustic yet peaceful region. The roads to this area are mostly empty and can get rather steep at times, making the road trip experience exhilarating but healing with its picturesque sceneries.

What greets you after you reach the destination are lively town markets, with a number of hearty and classic British pubs lined up the streets. There are also numerous hikes and walks in the area for those looking for something else to unwind. This place is definitely something perfect for the expert camper!

The Wye Valley, Monmouthshire

Home to the Wye Valley is the renowned Forest of Dean, rollings hills, and the spectacular limestone gorge. With such a great variety of dramatic landscapes, the Wye Valley is undoubtedly one of the top picks for those interested in sightseeing and reconnecting with nature. Besides the amazing sights, there are multiple activities including hiking, canoeing, cycling, and kayaking for those who wish to get physical. 

Do source for a good Caravan and Camping Site for a great stop to settle down and regroup after participating in enriching activities the area has to offer as well. 

Cairngorms, Eastern Scottish Highlands

The Cairngorms is a highly frequented area for the many activities to do and sights to see for people of varied interests. Head over to Balmoral Castle to revel in its grandeur or have some watersports fun at Loch Insh and or Loch Morlich, all within driving distance of an amazing Caravan Park too.

10 British Camping Sites

The Peak District, Central England 

Consider camping if you visit the Peak District to get acquainted with nature. The area is littered with limestone valleys, gritstone ridges, and moorland plateaus; perfect for both the geology enthusiasts and the curious. 

Driving would be the best traveling option to visit the many sites which are located across the Dark and White Peaks. We recommend lodging at a Holiday Park while you are here.

The New Forest, Hampshire

Find yourself transported to America’s national parks by heading to the New Forest with its wide and open roads passing through the lush woodlands of the area. Put your favorite playlist on ‘play’ as you drive for a memorable and idyllic experience. 

The area is also full of spots that are great as camping sites and one can try hiking the numerous trails for leisure. The breathtaking sights of the area alone are good enough reasons for people to travel there for a holiday to disconnect from their troubles. Consider checking the various Camping Parks for accommodation should you decide to visit.

The Brecon Beacons, Southern Wales

A popular mountain range in South Wales, The Brecon Beacons is most known for the Old Red Sandstone peaks. As you drive, you can enjoy the otherworldly vistas unique to these mountains and the crisp air. The charm of the Brecon Beacons is undeniable with a steady number of campers returning to this site to rejuvenate. If you are still undecided about your accommodations, check out the Penceilli Castle Caravan and Camping Park.

The Yorkshire Dales, Northern England

Dubbed as ‘God’s Own Country’, Yorkshire is totally deserving of this title with its beautiful villages and stunning countryside views. Some places of interest include the Limestone Paving Slabs, Malham Cove, and the Three Peaks. These places are easily accessed by car so simply head over to Yorkshire if a day of adventure followed by viewing the stars in the peaceful night sky is up your alley. Not to mention that there are plenty of campsites in the vicinity for you to choose from too.

10 British Camping Sites

Snowdonia, Northern Wales

Unlike the other destinations listed so far, Snowdonia offers a more thrilling experience. With the transcendent views provided by the natural landscape of waterfalls and mountain peaks, Snowdonia claims its rightful stake in this list. However, the tough roads of Ffordd Pen Llech Pass are not to be ventured for the unprepared. Known as one of the steepest roads in the road, interested campers should take precautions and consider making the trip in a car with sufficient horsepower to overcome the bumps along the road. Our recommendation would be to choose an off-roader for a smooth and relaxing journey on the steep terrains of Snowdonia.

Beyond the pass are numerous campsites in which one can access the scenic hiking trails of Snowdonia. 

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, Western Scotland

Take in the refreshing sight of the clear lakes, rolling hills, and lush greenery as you take a chill drive around Loch Lomond. The area receives plenty of sunlight, so do prepare to slather on some sunscreen and wear the necessary protective gear. 

With plenty of campsites available around the loch, campers should have no issues finding a spot to relax after a day of exploring. Otherwise, a Holiday Park is a great option to get a good rest.

The Pembrokeshire Coast, Western Wales

Those into coastal areas for a getaway should head to the Pembrokeshire for its breathtaking seascape. Additionally, it is a great spot for surfing and other water activities. With a national park status, a camping experience in the area will definitely hit all the spots of a sea lover. 

In Conclusion

We hope this article has riled you up for an unforgettable camping holiday in summer. Remember to pick a trustworthy and dependable family car to have a stress-free journey to your destination!

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