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6 Things I Improved Through Travelling

By Manuel Brandt

With 20 years I'm really young but still, I have travelled and experienced a lot! After finishing high school I started to work full time in a restaurant to save some money. One year later I decided to make my dream to travel the world become reality.

I bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok to see what happens. One year later I'm working in the area of Wordpress Design and Online Marketing and I'm about to start my own company.

Let me tell you how I improved through my road trip through the UK and solo travelling Asia for one year!


While going to school I was really shy. Going to a restaurant to order something was already a challenge for me. I didn't like to speak with strangers and avoided it whenever it was possible.

If you travel you have to face that! There are many times where you need to ask strangers. People who don't speak your language and often not even English.

In the beginning, this was quite hard for me but with the time I got used to speaking with strangers and became a really open and self-confident person. If you're shy and struggle with that, take your bag, go on a trip and you will see how you change!

Problem Solving

To solve problems is a really important skill. It can help you to become better in your job as well as in your private life.

You will face problems every day. Finding the right bus or the way to your accommodation. Especially in Asian countries, this can sometimes be a challenge.

Through travelling I learned to solve problems and it helped me a lot, especially when it comes to working!

Handling Stress

This point is probably the most important point for me! Before my trip I struggled with stress a lot! I was working for McDonald's full-time and a while for Daimler. Especially to work in a fast food restaurant like McDonald's can be super stressful.

I used to have panic attacks almost every day, couldn't sleep and had to think about my job all day. I even had nightmares of my job… Even I really liked working in the restaurant!

During that time I was taking some natural medicine to release my stress a bit. It made it better but didn't cure it completely. After I started to travel I didn't have a single panic attack! I have my own business what often means a lot of pressure. But travelling taught me how to handle that stress!

Before I was also afraid of being away from my home. I thought I could never move further away than a few minutes from home. I'm just about to complete one year of living in Da Nang and I don't feel scared at all!

Organising & Planning

This is quite obvious. Every trip includes a lot of planning! It starts with packing your bag and goes on with booking accommodations, buses, trains and flights.

If you want to work in a job that requires organisation and planning skills you should travel before! It will teach you more about that than the best university in the world!

And trust me when I say that employers know that and it will look great in your CV!

Do First Things First

I used to be that kind of person who always does his homework a few minutes before the lesson, I started to learn for the exam earliest one day before and so on….

If you travel you will learn how it can make your life so much easier to do things early and not wait until you actually have to do it.

It saves you a lot of stress as you will always have the things in mind you still need to do. Also, it can save you a lot of money to book a bit earlier if you just focus on travelling.

But what I want to say is that doing first things first will improve your whole life!

Be Patient

This year of travelling showed me that everything is possible if you believe in your ideas, think big and work hard! Before my trip I didn't know what I want to do in the future. I always had the dream to run a business but I didn't know what area would work for me.

During the last year, I met many amazing people. People that told me I should just do what I love and if I have an idea just try out. This positive words completely changed my attitude and I started to realise the ideas I had.

Now I'm on my way to start a company and I gained a huge amount of knowledge in the areas of Wordpress and Online Marketing.

This knowledge gives me the possibility to earn money and work for people all around the world. That also means I can work from wherever I want and travel around while learning more and earning money!

Manuel Brandt About Manuel Brandt:
"With 19 years I wasn't really happy with my life in Germany so I decided to pack my bag and travel the world. Today I have some projects like Daily Travel Stories and I'm about to start my own company."


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