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Book Your Hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok

With the easing of Covid cases and the success of the vaccination programs, Thailand currently plans to reopen its borders in October. People all over the world who have missed the country's culture, food and the warmth of the hospitality will be flocking back to Bangkok and other popular cities in Thailand. Now is the perfect time to book a hotel in the Sathorn area of Bangkok for what promises to be a busy travel period. 

Sathorn, Bangkok

A hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok, provides the best location for getting around the city easily, whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure. 

For business travelers who may need to attend several meetings a day, a Sathorn location means you’ll be staying in the heart of the financial and business hub of the city. Most of the multinational corporations in Thailand call the Sathorn area home. 

For pleasure visitors looking forward to visiting a new exotic city after such a long time under lockdown, the Sathorn location offers easy access to all parts of Bangkok courtesy of three main transit systems, the BTS Skytrain, MRT and water taxis up and down the Chao Phraya River. 

Best Location for Bangkok Travel

A hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok, offers easy access to all the main transit systems of the city. Both the BTS and MTR have several stations within the Sathorn area within walking distance of your hotel and offer quick, air-conditioned access to all the most famous and popular areas of Bangkok. Plus, the BTS and MTR are interconnected with the Airport Express line, so you can take the train from Suvarnabhumi Airport directly to your hotel and avoid Bangkok’s notorious traffic altogether. 

These two rail systems make it possible to see more attractions than would be possible traveling by taxi or a hired car. This is an important consideration if you're in town for a limited time and want to make the most of it. Although sometimes you may enjoy setting out sightseeing without a set plan in mind.

See Bangkok from the Water

Sathorn Pier is also a feature of the Sathorn area. It's the closest access point for the fun and convenient water taxis that run up and down the river. There is a special water taxi that offers a one-day tourist pass. This pass enables visitors to hop on and off the water taxi at the many piers it services along the river. 

The river area is also the location of some of Bangkok’s most iconic attractions. The Grand Palace, Wat Po and the Temple of the Dawn are just some of the attractions you’ll be able to access most easily from the water taxis. Spend the day seeing the sights along the river and finish your sightseeing with a meal at any of the riverside restaurants at Asiatique, a quaint shopping center right on the river. 

Booking your hotel in the Sathorn area of Bangkok allows you to enjoy all of what Bangkok has to offer more easily and what you may have sorely missed during your time away from Thailand. Contact the Amanta Sathorn Hotel to book your stay in the most convenient area in the city.

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