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10 Best Souvenirs to Bring Back From Bali
— Keep Alive the Memory!!

Want to remember all the memories you made in Bali, the gorgeous white sand beaches, its diverse culture, the canopy of trees, high mountains and everything that makes it look like a paradise? Well, these amazing souvenirs that we have listed out surely help you remember everything about your great vacation in this beautiful city. We have listed the 10 best souvenirs to bring back home from Bali that will put a smile on your face whenever you spot them in your closet, living room or even pantry. So let's explore!!

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Balinese Paintings for the art lovers

All those who are fans of arts and music must know the value of Balinese paintings. These paints are created in various styles, the most popular among them is Kamasan style work which comes from the namesake village in Klungkung, East Bali. These paintings are one of a kind and one of the most traditional paintings in Bali, they belong to the 16th century, to the Gelgel kingdom.

Some of these paintings have comics like strips and others have modern influences, many also depict scenarios from Hindu mythology. The depictions of Mahabharata and Ramayana will surely cause gossip when you return home.

Location: Buy it at Kamasan village and also at the market near Kerta Gosa Hall.

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Bring home a little bit of Balinese Spa

Reminiscent of the time spent at one of the Balinese spas, you don't need to remember when you can bring a bit of those spa at home. You can bring anything like a vial of essential oil, incense, aromatic spa therapy oil, and even organic soaps. While you would get the typical flower fragrances anywhere in your own country, Indonesian herbal Jamu and Bali's very special spicy boreh scrub can be something unique to bring and use with your partner.

Location: You can buy these at any spa in Bali, and even standalone shops also have them.

  1. Wood Carvings for your soul

Among all the things Bali is known for, Balinese sculptures and woodwork is also a part. Artists of Bali are well-known for carving three-dimensional masterpieces in wood. Tegallalang is one such village where you can find these sculptures, which is a short drive from Ubud central. The creations include a mythical Hindu bird that is situated on top of Hindu God Krishna. There are other creations that these Balinese sculptors are famous for like wooden fruits, Balinese masks (sizes vary); you can even buy reconstructable Items, that can be constructed at home.

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. The shimmer in Gold and Silver

Sounds like something you can buy anywhere, but many gold and silver items are unique. You can visit the gold and silversmith villages of Celuk and Mas. There are many shops and showrooms in Prapen Jewelry, where you can enjoy the process of making a gold and silver pendant. Few workshops offer the chance to make the jewellery yourself; you can try making rings and bracelets.

Location: You can find this jewellery in Prapen Jewelry and at villages of Celuk and Mas.

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Buy a colourful silk batik as a souvenir

Are you tempted by the sarongs sold by beach vendors but they are low quality, so you should check through silk showrooms that make you look good when you show off at home. Batubulan area is filled with shops that sell exquisite silk batiks, you can enrol in workshops that can help you make your piece.

Location: You can buy batiks at Batik Popiler or Tenganan Village or at any showroom in malls.

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Authentic coffee beans

Bali is a beautiful city with stunning white sand beaches and many more such things. And because there are many volcanoes in Bali, the soil here is best for growing coffee, so the place has quality coffee beans in its possession. Among the various coffee beans people can buy, kopi luwak is the most popular. The beans get there from the process which includes Luwak eating these beans and dumping them, which gives it a unique aftertaste.

Location: You can buy this souvenir from Kopi Bali House, Ubud

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Grab a Bag

A Bali bag makes for a perfect souvenir to take home to show your friends or gift them on their birthday. As you stroll down the market you will find out that these come in different shapes and sizes. The most famous of these is the round bag. So grab these bags and give them to your friend or as a souvenir for your visit to Bali.

Location: You can buy these at streetside stores and art markets.

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Pie Susu

Bali's most famous and iconic sweet treat is Pie Susu, many travellers search different shops to find the best one to take home. You can buy these milk pies at Pie Susu Enaak's best pie. Pies of this shop taste the best and to get the real taste don't fall for the replicas going around in the market. This one is the best buy on our list of 10 souvenirs to bring back home from Bali.

Location: Pie Susu Enak, Kota Denpasar, Bali

Souvenirs from Bali
  1. Gamelan Ball

Gamelan sounds have been signifying Bali for ages, if you visit Bali you will also hear them at some point in your visit. It has become a significant part of Balinese culture, and it is often incorporated into the tourists' dining and shopping experiences. Visitors can bring home a piece of music home with the gamelan ball souvenir. This gamelan souvenir produces gamelan sounds and it looks pretty too.

  1. Indonesian wine and Arak

Are you enjoying the flavours of regional drinks of Bali, how about you take them home as a souvenir? Bali has a good collection of regional wines, so grab one for days when you reminisce about your stay in Bali. You can also enjoy these with your friends and tell them your drunk stories. Balinese Rice wine and Arak are the most famous ones.

Location: Buy these regional mixes at Dewi Sri in Sanur

Bali is home to different cultures and traditions, there are many places you want to visit like its pristine beaches and gorgeous temples. It also has a range of things to calm the shopper within you. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? How about you visit Bali on your next vacation? Don't forget to check out Bali packages on the Pickyourtrail website. Have a great vacation!!!

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