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The Best Reasons to Visit Japan

Visit Japan

There is no doubt Japan has become a top travel destination over the last few years. Known for its ancient history, famous cuisine, natural beauty, and incredible art scene, the country is only continuing to increase in popularity among travelers. International tour operators like Indus Travels are offering exceptional experiences for travelers who are looking to see the best of this country — and would like to share a few of the best reasons to visit Japan!

Beautiful Scenery

In terms of natural scenery, Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Nature has shown mercy to this country, which boasts an abundance of sights to see. Between snow-capped mountains, evergreen forests, steaming hot springs, and bright blue waters, it is no wonder why the Japanese have such a deep appreciation for nature. During spring, you can see the country come to life as pink cherry blossoms bloom throughout Japan from mid-March to early May — although the dates vary depending on which city you travel to.

Sacred Sites

Japan is also rich in traditional and historic sites. Magnificent Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples can be found throughout the country. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your faith, take a closer look into Japanese culture, or feel the peace and serenity surrounding these sites, you will be in for a real treat. Many of these sites are situated on top of mountains and can be reached by trekking up fantastic hiking trails. Meeting the snow monkeys in the Nagano region will make this experience even more worthwhile!

Visit Japan

Incredible Hospitality

While Japan is famous for their tremendous scenery and tourist hot spots, visitors can’t help but rave about the incredible hospitality they experience at restaurants, hotels, and practically anywhere they go. The Japanese people are known to be very kind and polite and will be ready to help when you need it! You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for directions or worried about what kind of service you will receive, as being kind and courteous is something that is commonplace in Japan. You can even experience the traditional tea ceremony (Sado) to take a break from the fast pace of daily life.

Delicious Cuisine

Speaking of incredible hospitality, Japan is also known for their delicious cuisine. This is the birthplace of many famous dishes, including sushi, sashimi, soba, donburi, and sukiyaki. If you are thinking about planning a trip to Japan, you must try the wide range of restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka, and many other cities. You can find conveyor belt sushi restaurants (which are exactly what they sound like), cat cafes, Pokémon cafes, top-notch ramen restaurants, local family-run restaurants, and so much more. You will not be disappointed as your taste buds will be delighted by the rich and savory flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Visit Japan

Futuristic Technology

On top of the lively culture and fascinating traditions, Japan is also known for their technological innovations. A trip on the Shinkansen (bullet trip) can turn a 9-hour journey into a 2.5-hour trip as this train travels hundreds of kilometers per hour. There are vending machines with drinks and snacks scattered throughout the country which can be found on random streets and hidden alleys almost anywhere you go. Robots can be found in stores and performing daily tasks in hotels or banks — and you can even have short conversations with them in Japanese. 

Steaming Onsens

Are you a fan of steaming hot springs? Then Japan would be the perfect travel destination for you! The onsens (Japanese word for “hot springs”) are scattered across the country, thanks to the abundance of active volcanoes in Japan. These hot springs are believed to have magical healing properties, with the ability to increase blood circulation, soothe arthritis pain, ease inflammation, and help clear up skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Not to mention they will help ease stress — which will give you the perfect opportunity to relax during your trip!

Unparalleled Entertainment

Gaming centers and arcades can also be found throughout Japan and are frequented by visitors of all ages to lay back and relax as they make their way into virtual worlds. You can also test your luck at a pachinko center, known for their flashing mechanical games, grab a costume and head on over to an anime convention center, or see your favorite characters come to life with a trip to Disneyland or Super Nintendo World. Don’t miss a trip to Akihabara, known as the anime and electronics district in Tokyo, or Harajuku, the city’s famous fashion district where locals dress up in unconventional styles.

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