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3 Best Post-Lockdown Tourism Promoting Campaigns Worldwide

The pandemic has hit us all quite hard. No one was expecting this to happen, and we all had to learn to live in a completely new reality.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the global lockdown was a real challenge for many. It led to tons of restrictions, issues, and inconveniences. 


Top 3 Best Ads on Traveling

Now, after many months of a complete lockdown, the pandemic is sort of retreating. The world is getting ready to move forward and return to the habitual way of living. And soon, we can expect travel restrictions to ease as well.

The tourism brands are getting ready for the elimination of restrictions. Without a doubt, the entertainment and travel industries were among those that faced huge losses. Now, to recover and get back to business, companies are doing their best to promote their services with breathtaking ads.

Indeed, now is a great time to discover the world around you as never before! If you are a student looking forward to traveling restrictions getting canceled, get yourself a reliable essay writing help at to ensure you won’t sacrifice your academic success while giving in to adventures. Meanwhile, let’s look at the top three best campaigns we’ve seen so far.

Turkish Airlines

The recent “Dreams” ad launched by Turkish Airlines takes the deserved first place on the list of the most brilliant post-lockdown campaigns promoting tourism. Soon after its launch, this ad has gone truly viral. It is being actively discussed on the Internet and is often called the most adorable ad of the year.

A two-minute video tells a heart-melting story of four kids from a Turkish village. The story shows how kids are constantly seeing airplanes flying over their heads and dream have one of them landing in their own backyard. Kids decide to act and build a real runway. What happens next is a true art of storytelling, so be sure you don’t miss it out!

Frankly speaking, Turkish Airlines’ recent ad is nothing like casual airline advertising. It doesn’t show luxurious first-class seats or glamorous air hostesses. However, there is something about this campaign that makes it so great - it is real and touching. 

Mixed with excellent scenery and great storytelling, it is the best post-quarantine travel ad, at least for now.


“Tomorrow sounds good. Tomorrow looks good. Tomorrow feels good.” - This is the message delivered to us through this particular marketing campaign. At the end of May, CNN teamed up with the UN World Tourism Organization to focus on post-pandemic tourism. 

The campaign is called Travel Tomorrow. In the framework of this campaign, CNN produced a short 60-second video that shows an optimistic view on traveling after COVID-19. The video takes us to eight stunning locations across the world.

The visuals and sound are brilliant. The key goal of the video was to show that the tourism industry is starting to recover from the lockdown and to spark people’s desire to travel.


Queensland, Australia

The last, but not least fascinating commercial that promotes tourism was created by the authorities of the Australian state Queensland. The ad campaign was named “Good to Go” and it encourages tourists to visit the state.

“It’s time to explore like never before” is the key message. The “Good to Go” ad encourages all adventure seekers out there to get back to discovering the world around them. 

The core idea behind this campaign is to let travelers know that Queensland is a great place to go to now. The commercial was created to let people know that tourism across almost all the state is unlimited. It also emphasizes that Queensland has completed a COVID Safe program and is absolutely safe to visit.

The Bottom Line

These gorgeous commercials are here to revive the travel industry after a long lockdown. And they are doing a pretty good job at it! 

Looking at these ads, it is barely possible to hold still and not start packing your suitcases right away. Yet, we cannot wait to see what else the tourism niche has prepared for us once the lockdown is fully over.

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