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7 Best Places For Camping Near Bangalore

Camping Near Bangalore


There are a number of camping spots near Bangalore. Some of the places pitch for personal tents,some of them provide accommodations in huts and some provide you with tents for the best camping experience. You should visit Banglore and explore the best places for camping there. The camping sites of Bangalore offer a picturesque and mesmerizing beauty of nature which refreshes your mind as well as your soul. For nature lovers and adventure lovers, Bangalore is the best place for camping as well as other recreational activities which give you an experience of a lifetime. For campers there are a number of exotic places to explore. Some of the places that are best for camping near Bangalore are mentioned below:-

1. Ramanagara:-

Ramanagara is one of the popular sites for camping near Bangalore. The shooting of the famous movie Sholay was done here which adds to its popularity among young folks for camping there. It has rocky topography, an arid landscape which makes it an ideal place for rock climbers. One can have the experience of a lifetime by doing night camping at Ramanagara. It is about 50 km away from Bangalore. Apart from camping you can do other adventures in Ramanagara as well including kayaking,archery,ziplining etc. By planning a night camping stay in Ramanagar you can get close to the nature by the beautiful view offered by Ramanagara during nights.

2. Manchinbele:-

Manchinbele is one of the famous sites for camping near Bangalore. The view of Manchinbele lake from the camping site is mesmerizing and breathtaking. Manchinbele is the best camping site and you can visit it there with friends as well as with your family. Manchinbele is about 40 km away from Bangalore. Apart from camping, there are various fun-filled activities which you can do like kayaking, swimming, rope course, paintball, etc. Usually the mornings in Manchinbele are cold,so it is highly advised to take your light jackets with you.

3. Bananthi Betta:-

Bananthi Betta is located between Konanadoddi and Kyathanahalli. Bananthi Betta is one of the unusual places near Bangalore for camping as well as trekking. Bananthi Betta is located about 62 km away from Bangalore. Bananthi Betta is said to be a little paradise on earth. Apart from camping,you can do various other activities there in Bananthi Betta including boating,trekking, etc. The beautiful surroundings of Bananthi Betta give you immense pleasure in the natural beauty encapsulated by this place.

4. Doddamakali:-

Doddamakali is situated on the banks of river Cauvery. Doddamakali consists of a large number and diversity of exotic flora and fauna like osprey,sambar jackals,kingfisher etc. Doddamakali is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers and bird watchers as they get to see and capture a large number of diverse flora and fauna. Doddamakali is situated at a distance of about 113 km from Bangalore. Doddamakali is one of the best places for camping especially for the nature lovers it is a paradise of flora and fauna. Apart from camping,you can also do various other activities like fishing,coracle riding etc.

5. Bheemeshwari:-

Bheemeshwari is one of the most favorite places for nature lovers and adventurers for camping. Bheemeshwari is a place which is blessed with exotic varieties of flora and fauna. Bheemeshwari is also famous among nature lovers for its mesmerizing natural beauty which makes it a perfect fit for camping in Bangalore. Bheemeshwari is located on the banks of river Cauvery. This place is situated at a distance of about 100 km from Bangalore. Apart from camping,Bheemeshwari is also famous for many other recreational sports like kayaking,rafting,bird watching etc.

6. Nachikuppam:-

Nachikuppam offers a beautiful view of the lake which is a treat to your eyes. Nachikuppam also offers tent accommodation for campers which makes it a go-to destination for camping lovers all over the country. People also go camping in Nachikuppam in order to visit the ancient temple which is located on the hilltop. People also go camping in Nachikuppam because of the number of mango farms that surround this campsite. Nachikuppam is located at a distance of about 75 km from Bangalore. During camping in Nachikuppam,you can also go for long walks and experience the beauty that nature has showered on Nachikuppam. Apart from camping you can also enjoy barbecue dinner,boating,trekking etc in Nachikuppam.

7. Kanakpura:-

Kanakpura camping site is located on the beautiful Hosa Doddi lake. The beautiful camping site of Kanakpura offers a mesmerizing and pleasing experience of camping. Kanakpura is located at a distance of 63. 7 km from Bangalore. Kanakpura is also surrounded by Bananthimari forest which enhances the beauty of Kanakpura camping site. The things apart from camping which you can do in Knakpura are zip lining,ice walk,kayaking etc. This beautiful place of Kanakpura offers a picturesque scenic beauty of nature which is a treat for the eyes of nature and adventure lovers.

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