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Best Disney World Hacks

Do you intend to take your kids to Disney World? The sheer size of Disney World can overwhelm you unless you carefully plan your visit in advance by taking advantage of advice from other visitors. The following tried and tested hacks from Stay Promo Disney World help site will help you plan your trip in a time and cost-effective manner.

Avoid Crowded Periods
Do you hate crowds, lines and huge waiting times? If you want to make the most out of your time spent in Disney World, you should try to schedule your trip at a time when crowds are thinner. This means simply avoiding bank holidays, school breaks and summer vacations.

Choose A Value Category Hotel
Would you like to keep your costs low? Consider staying at Disney's campground or in one of the value category on-site hotels. You'll enjoy the same resort benefits as guests staying at pricier Disney resorts, but you'll only pay a fraction of the price.

A Hotel With A Pool Can Make A Good Alternative
There are kids who say that the thing they enjoyed the most in Disney World was the hotel swimming pool. As funny as it may sound, the truth is that kids love water and playing in the pool. Besides, those highly themed swimming pools at Disney World Resorts are nothing short of amazing.

Hunt for The Best Deal
How would you like to score an awesome deal on your next Disney vacation? You'll love your adventure even more if you get it at an amazing price. Here are some carefully selected Disney vacations offers you can grab right now.

Keep the Kids Cool
No matter how cool Disney World can be, overheated kids will quickly become a nuisance. Allow your kids to enjoy cold water splashes you'll find plenty of in Disney World. Also, offer them some of the best ice creams in Disney World to help them chill out.

Meet Your Beloved Disney Characters
Meeting their favorite Disney characters is the dream of many kids out there. Thanks to the Disney My Magic+ planning system, you'll be able to organize your trip and schedule appointments with your Disney characters of choice. You can have rides, dining experiences and other such events already scheduled before you even start your trip.

Pack You Day Bag With Great Care
Make sure you organize your day bag to include all items you'll need for a fun day in the parks. This will keep your kids happy and ready to enjoy their adventure to the full.

Leave Early
Sleeping in during your Disney World vacation is not a good plan. Turn yourself into an early riser to make use of your time to the full.

Have A Strategy To Deal With The Crowds
If you can't avoid crowds, be prepared to deal with them. Try to minimize the wait time for rides and attractions by choosing the right moments to show up. Wake up early and schedule your days in great detail. Also, be prepared to change your plans on a very short notice, should you find it impossible to beat the crowds at times.

Get Acquainted To Disney's Official App And FastPass+
Thanks to this dedicated app, you can lock in your ride times and dining experiences. This useful planning tool called My Disney Experience is an effective replacement of the outdated paper tickets. This app works together with MagicBand bracelets to allow the easy programming of attractions and dining experiences with FastPass+. Put it to good use and spend your time having fun rather than doing the line.

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