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10 of the World's Best Destinations for Snow

We tend to associate winter with dull grey skies and runny noses, but there is a beautiful side to the season that is often overlooked. With majestic peaks, crunchy snow underfoot, aromas of mulled wine and gingerbread, and impressive winter landscapes, the following winter havens provide exceptional settings to enjoy the snow and slopes. 

For those who crave winter fun, visit this Ragnar website to find out more about a yacht which is an ice-breaking vortex that transports the brave and the bold into a world of bears and orca, of midnight fire in the sky and glistening, untouched pistes of snow and ice. Besides, according to Statista, chartering a yacht is the most popular recreational activity.

So, we created a list of travel destinations that look even more impressive in winter, as snow covers the rooftops and turns the valleys and mountains into a snow-white fairytale. 

Tromsø in Norway

Tromsø in Norway is considered one of the most popular winter destinations. Here, snow-covered streets and picturesque white-covered roofs of buildings create a fabulous atmosphere full of magic and beauty. All this looks especially impressive from a bird's eye view against the background of the blue sea waters surrounding the island. Tromsø is interesting for its possibilities for exciting mountain walks, climbing, and fishing.

Shirakawa in Japan

Winter in Shirakawa can be compared to a real fairy tale. The local natural landscapes look amazingly picturesque in addition to the colourful houses of traditional Japanese settlements. In the evening, all this splendour is adorned with bright lights, creating an atmosphere of winter celebration and mystery.

Jamnik in Slovenia

Jamnik is a small settlement in Slovenia, known for its unique mountain scenery during the winter. Here, on a small hill, there is a wonderful church, which looks especially fabulous in the evening. In addition, climbing this hill, you can contemplate the landscapes of mountains, forests, and waters of incredible beauty.

Langvis in Switzerland

It's hard not to fall in love with the Swiss commune of Langvis at first sight, especially if you come here in one of the winter months. A majestic centuries-old forest, powerful cliffs, fresh air, silence, and tranquillity - this is what this small resort has to offer. This place is also surprising due to a huge high-rise bridge passing through a dense forest.

Gullfoss in Iceland

Love waterfalls in a crystal winter outfit? Then you should definitely plan a trip to the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland which amazes with its grandeur and unique form. Here you can feel all the power of nature, harmony and strong energy of water.

Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

If the Snow Queen now had to choose a place for the palace, it would be difficult to find a better option than Iceland. In the land of ice, the winter fairy tale never ends, and in the azure caves on the Vatnajökull glacier for sure.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam canals are beautiful at any time of the year. But in winter, when snow lies in caps on the roofs of houses and barges, on trees and lampposts along the embankment, they acquire a special charm. At this time, the whole city turns into one big fabulous scenery as if a Disney fairy waved a wand and you were transported into some kind of kind cartoon. The sensation intensifies when the cold lasts long enough, and the canals turn into giant ice rinks, where adults and children frolic with equal delight.

Helsinki or Rovaniemi, Finland

Finland in winter is a fairy tale. Here you will find the Village of Santa Claus, and ice hotels with northern lights instead of a night light, and dashing rides in a sledge with reindeer or huskies. For lovers of skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing, this is also a great destination as it is inexpensive and hospitable. Besides, there is enough snow and magical impressions in winter Finland for everyone!

Fourka Pass and Versoix commune, Switzerland

The mountain serpentine on the Fourka Pass in the Swiss Alps is dizzying at any time of the year. Less often, once every few years, you may be lucky enough to witness another stunning sight in winter Switzerland. Wind, water, and frost in one night can turn the embankment of Lake Geneva into the real possession of the Snow Queen. In the morning, cars and boats, trees and lamp posts, benches and railings - the whole embankment turns into a giant park of bizarre ice sculptures.

Stockholm and Swedish Lapland, Sweden

In winter, when the trees go bald and the bright facades of houses come to the fore, Stockholm looks very elegant and cosy. And by Christmas, when garlands and balls shine in the shop windows, and the aromas of glög and cookies with ginger and cinnamon are heard from the doors of the cafe, the old city becomes a little fabulous. Walking along the snow-covered embankments and lanes, it is easy to imagine that somewhere there, on one of the roofs, Carlson really lives.

To prolong the magic, go to Swedish Lapland - this is where you feel like the hero of a children's book! Admire the polar lights and close your eyes from the midnight sun, live in a chum or an ice hotel, ride a dog sledge or an icebreaker, meet the Sami, and touch a deer by the nose - there is a long list of entertainment in northern Sweden.

So, winter holidays brighten the darkest months of the year around the world, and some places are especially picturesque during this time. Here is a collection of the destinations for snow that are popular with both local and foreign travellers.

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