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Make a Splash: A Guide to the
Best Beaches in Turkey

Best beaches Turkey

Located between Asia and Europe, Turkey is one of the world's most coveted beach destinations.

Turkey is known for its dynamic landscapes and picturesque destinations. From urban to coastal, Turkey has it all, but its majestic 7,000-kilometer coastline is one of the country's main draws. 

Most of Turkey's beaches can be found in the countries south-west region along the Agean and the Mediterranean Sea. 

If you're looking for the best beaches in Turkey look no further! From family-friendly beaches to hidden gems, here are the best beaches in Turkey to help you plan your next coastal vacation.

1. Kabak Beach, Fethiye

Kabak is a small bohemian village in the south-west region of Turkey loved by backpackers, yogis, and outdoor explorers.

Kabak Beach can only be accessed by foot trail through the surrounding pine forest, but don't worry, the mountainous beach view is well worth the effort.

Kabak Beach is a remote destination without the amenities of more central beaches. You will most likely be surrounded by locals and others traveling along the Lycian Way. Travelers love this destination for its laid back atmosphere and natural beauty. 

2. Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz

The Blue Lagoon is easily the most well-known beach in Turkey. Tourists come from near and far to see the vibrant blue waters and relax on the gritty shores. 

The Blue Lagoon is located between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas and surrounded by the Babadag Mountains. This destination is considered to be a family-friendly hideaway, with the shallows of the water being perfect for children to play as parents relax on the shore. 

Ölüdeniz is a vibrant resort location with quality amenities like bars, restaurants, and daytime activities for the whole family. If you are planning on vacationing in Turkey with the family, Ölüdeniz and the Blue Lagoon is a great place to begin a Turkey Tours package and explore the coast. 

3. Mermerli Beach, Antalya

Antalya is one of Turkey's most vibrant cities, offering the best of city and coast life. Located next to the port of Antalya, Mermerli Beach is a small hidden beach perfect for city lovers. 

Mermerli Beach can only be accessed on foot because the city of Antalya is a pedestrian-only zone. You can enjoy a morning walk across the lovely town and end your day relaxing on the Mermerli shores. 

4. Icmeler Beach, Marmaris 

Travelers love the Icmeler Beach for its golden sand and resort town location. Icmeler Beach is one of Turkeys most popular getaways, perfect for families and adults. 

This beach is surrounded by pine forests and the Taurus Mountains. Here you can find the relaxation you're looking for by day and the nightlife of vacation by night. The all-amenities-included beach offers an array of water sports and is cleaned every night so that travelers can enjoy it all over again every morning.

5. Patara Beach, Gelemiş

Patara Beach is part of a national park and is a well known archeological site surrounded by remains of old temples and ancient ruins that are visible from the shore. To access the beach, you need to hike through the surrounding ruins and pay a small entrance fee.

Patara Beach is the longest beach in Turkey. Its preserved and undeveloped shores make it a remote and private experience appreciated by all. The waters are warm and shallow making it a great location for snorkeling and safe for kids.

Are You Ready to Discover the Best Beaches in Turkey? 

The best beaches in Turkey can be found on the south-west coast surrounded by mountains and beautiful views. The coast of Turkey is home to hundreds of beautiful beaches for every type of traveler. 

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