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Major Benefits of Living in New Jersey

The city in New Jersey, viewed from the sea.

New Jersey is the state with the densest population in the US. That proves that living there undoubtedly has its advantages. Whatever sphere of life is relevant to you when judging whether an area is good to reside in, New Jersey excels unquestionably at it. But let's review the major benefits of living in New Jersey. That way you can make your decision about moving there more easily.

Top-notch education system

One of the strongest points in favor of living in New Jersey is its education system which is of the highest quality. In fact, some even say this state ranks No. 1 in the US when it comes to this vital aspect. Public schools are free for all, which isn't true for every state. The students that attend schools in this state score high in reading and math, and the dropout rate is meager. As for the universities, New Jersey can offer world-class ones. Here are some of the best higher education institutions to choose from:

  • Princeton University. There's not much to say about Princeton University that hasn't been repeated so many times. We are talking about a member of the elite ivy league, which is a dream to attend of millions from every corner of the world. Truly, an institution that brings pride to the state of New Jersey.
  • Rutgers University. Unlike Princeton, a private institution, Rutgers University is a public one. It ranks within the top 20 such establishments in the US, and it is a privilege to attend it.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology. If technical sciences such as mechanical engineering interest you, Stevens Institute of Technology is the best New Jersey has to offer you. It is a research university that will help you develop your skills. It can help you become an engineer everyone would want to hire.
One of the buildings that belong to Princeton University.

One of the benefits of living in New Jersey is its top-notch education system that consists of many reputable institutions.

Health care at its finest

New Jersey is home to several hospitals among the top 20 in the US. When it comes to health care, another benefit of living in New Jersey is that many categories qualify for free services, such as pregnant women, children, people over 65, the blind, and the permanently disabled, just to mention a few. Those whose health is not at the highest level can rest assured that this country has covered them. However, it's still a good idea to take care of yourself as much as possible. So, to ensure the relocation here will not negatively affect you, it is a good idea to hire a moving service company. The experts can provide help in the whole process, and your life in NJ can start in the most stress-free manner possible.

The essentials like groceries and meds are on the market tax-free

With all the health information, we are very familiar with the importance of a healthy diet that must include high-quality groceries. For some, the limiting factor of eating well is the price of ingredients that make a healthy dish. The authorities of New Jersey seem to understand the relevance of the availability of proper food to the masses. The essentials like groceries and medications are sold tax-free, making them cheaper than elsewhere.

Being a "Garden State" ensures the availability of fruits and veggies of the highest quality

Speaking of the finest ingredients, being a Garden State, New Jersey offers the most delicious and versatile fruits and veggies you can hope to find anywhere. This country ranks second in the States in herb production. Apart from that, there are a large number of vineyards, orchards, horse farms, and livestock farms. The farmer's markets around this country are wonderfully stocked, and every gourmet will find them a pleasure to visit.

Various vegetables are arranged in wooden crates, the availability of which represents one of the benefits of living in New Jersey.

New Jersey is called a Garden State because of its large production of fruits, veggies, and meat.

One of the benefits of living in New Jersey is the existence of great job opportunities

Many reputable companies have their headquarters in NJ, which gives residents many jobs to choose from. Business giants such as Panasonic Corporation of North America, Johnson and Johnson, Securitas USA, and BMW US are great places to start for those looking for a job in this region. Whatever your resume says, you will most likely not remain jobless in New Jersey.

New Jersey has mountains and the ocean too

As is the case with most other things, nature in New Jersey is outstanding. The outdoorsy people will love it, no matter which aspect of nature, in particular, excites them. There are some fantastic mountains around. There, you can ski, hike, climb, ride a bike, or whatever else comes to your mind. Those who are more into water will be happy to hear a piece of ocean kisses the New Jersey shores. Thanks to all that, there are plenty of venues created by nature for people to build their endurance or simply enjoy spending time at.

A beach in New Jersey.

The diversity of nature in New Jersey is stunning and mesmerizing.

You'll get your gas pumped for you

Finally, the gas pumping rule is a small but interesting benefit of living in this vivid country. According to state law, no buyer is allowed to pump the gas on his own. The employees will do it for you when you get to the gas station. They say happiness can be found in the smallest of things. Therefore, this little perk NJ guarantees its residents is worth mentioning.

Bottom line

After inspecting these significant benefits of living in New Jersey, one must conclude this country is a fantastic choice for a home country. By moving to NJ, the parents ensure the best possible education for their kids. Those who want to work and study can find many job opportunities in this country while being close to the best universities in the US. The individuals who find maintaining their health of utmost priority will also love living in New Jersey as its health care system is top-notch. Not to mention the excellent, high-quality food. All in all, if you were wondering whether NJ is the country for you, you've likely realized there's no one out there for whom this country is not.

Author Bio:

Ann Dawson is a geography teacher that likes to travel the world and write articles about the places she visits. She combines her knowledge, social skills, and writing talent to help people decide about relocating and finding places to travel to.

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