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What Are the Benefits Available to
You Being a Refugee?

People move out of their country for various reasons. One of the most common reasons for shifting is a desire for a better life because what you left-back was not conducive to thriving. Many people move to other countries as refugees because they are either running away from some war, civil or otherwise, or want to make a better life for themselves.

Being a Refugee

However, there are several advantages to being a refugee. It is best to ensure you are recognized as one because this comes with several advantages instead of being considered an illegal migrant. This article explores some of the benefits that refugees stand to get whenever they officially declare their refugee status.

Insurance Services

You may have been wondering if there is a possibility of getting life insurance for illegal immigrants? The truth is that times have changed, and refugees today are entitled to insurance covers. It is possible for nonresidents and people who have attained full refugee status to apply for and get complete life insurance services.

However, a few guidelines determine whether the company one applies to will give the refugee the cover despite eligibility. Some of the caveats include the refugee's country of origin limitations, residency minimums, rating limits, travel restrictions, and identification requirements.

Being a Refugee

Besides life insurance, refugees are also entitled to other forms of insurance, mainly health. Currently, most refugees are on a short-term cover known as Refugee Medical Assistance, which is available for up to 8 months. Some refugees may be eligible for more extended covers such as Medicaid or even the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which last for a few more years. With the changing laws, refugees can access health care for more than eight months.


The refugee status also affords you housing. If you seek asylum as a refugee because you cannot go back home for fear of persecution, you are entitled to a house. This can be anything from flats, hostels, houses, or even a bed & breakfast facility. However, there is a catch that you cannot choose where to live if you are given housing. The authorities in charge will decide where to place you.

Monetary Support

Refugees also get supported in terms of cash. This is calculated based on the number of people in the household. The money given is always per head and should be used to cater for basic stuff such as food, toiletries, and other clothing. The money is released every week, and one can easily access it whenever they need to load up their supplies. Note that you will not get the money if you refuse the housing offer.

Right to Education

Being a Refugee

Refugees with younger children need to take the kids to school. There they will access free school and food without pay. You can be sure that your children will have a right to primary education.

Right to Apply for Permanent Residence

Once you become a refugee, you can apply for permanent residence. This could be a great time if you did not include the kids and spouse in your refugee application.

Facing Challenges as a Refugee

Despite all the things the government may attempt to do to help refugees feel settled or welcomed, it can only do so much. The refugees need to have an open and positive mind to thrive in the new country. Fortunately, they can be assimilated and feel comfortable with the right attitude. While the sense of being at home may not happen, they can feel comfortable because they can enjoy some form of peace. But what are some ways refugees can overcome challenges in foreign lands?

Learning the Local language

Since the language barrier can be a big deal, refugees who thrive find a way of learning to speak and communicate effectively. This may mean getting private lessons or interacting with the locals more so that they can get to learn how to communicate effectively. In most cases, learning to speak and communicate like the locals will open more doors and opportunities since the residents and nationals will understand you and probably accept to deal with you. They will not look at you suspiciously, which happens when you do not have the proper support.

Improving their Skills

Refugees may have to consider additional training to improve their employability. It is easier to secure a job if you have specific skills employers seek. Refugees should consider attending workshops and other training channels offered by the different organizations. With time, it is easier for them to secure the right job. Once you have a job as a refugee, then life will be easier since you can comfortably take care of your family and not depend entirely on the help that comes from the government.

Getting Therapy for the Kids and Yourself

The sudden change of moving from familiar to unfamiliar environments can take a toll on you and the children. This is not the most straightforward transition. If the stress and strain are very overwhelming, consider going through therapy sessions as a family and individually. Some fears and concerns can only be addressed by talking to professionals. Make sure that you get to the point of acceptance and start embracing the change.

Sessions will help the kids cope in schools and other environments where they have to interact with other kids. Once they understand why things are the way they are, they can easily overcome hurdles. Knowing how to face challenges as a family is one thing you need to learn. Kids adjust quickly but need guidance to face new realities.

Final Thoughts

With all the potential challenges of refugee status, it helps if you are in a neighborhood that understands and cares. However, the best refugees can manage their situation and work towards bettering their lives and standing on their own two feet in the foreign land.

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