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Learn About Belgium

Featuring a small territory with mostly plains and low hills, many would not expect the wealth of intriguing travel destinations that Belgium offers.

The small country of Belgium is located in central Europe, a crossroads between France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, as well as a small portion facing across the North Sea to England. Part of the Benelux union, Belgium is somewhat densely populated, with 10 million people and a largely urbanized culture. The country is also one of the old medieval powers, located in the middle of major events throughout European history. A distinctive feature of Belgium is its bilingual population, with Dutch speaking people mostly in the northern region of Flanders, while the French speaking population resides mostly in the southern region of Wallonia.

Traveling in Belgium

Brussels, the capital, is also the main tourist destination, an old and charming city, with plenty of attractions and things to do. Among the most interesting we can include the exquisite Grand Place or Great Market, with its 300 years old buildings and monuments, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Then there's the European Parliament, Brussels being the capital of the European Union, and tourists can book tours inside. Don't miss seeing the Atomium complex, which is an architectural and technological marvel and a symbol of the town; the Manneke Pis statue; the Royal Palace, and many more.

If you are traveling to Belgium from Germany by train, check out the DB Auskunft for train schedules.

Boat tour on the Brugge canals
The beautiful Brugge canals

Brussels is also a city of museums, the most popular being the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Royal History Museum, Extreme Orient Museum, Natural Sciences Museum, and the Royal Museum for Central Africa.

Although Brussels exhibits a magnificent old centre, other cities have even older landmarks, impressing travelers with their cultural heritage, such as the old cities of Antwerp, Brugge, Gent and Leuven. These cities are even more charming than the capital, conserving medieval landmarks in a romantic ambience. Beyond the cities and towns, Belgium also offers authentic villages, with age old traditions and interesting abbeys, many still holding to the traditional beer breweries. The south of Belgium has excellent landscapes, scattered among the valleys of the Ardennes. Here, tourists can hike or cycle along the pathways, discovering the caves, the forests, or the magnificent castles of this area.

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