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Those that truly discover the charm of this country that stretches over the Alps can testify that Austria is wonderfully diverse and enchanting.

Most tourists associate Austria with the ultimate winter destination, packed with world class mountain resorts and wonderful alpine landscapes and Austria is exactly that but also so much more. Beyond the beautiful picturesque mountain landscapes, there are also magnificent castles, ancient cities, authentic villages and everything in between. If you have ever seen those famous posters with wooden lodges in green pastures, with a background of white mountain peaks and crystal clear lakes, the destination is just like that. There is an incredible amount of things to see and do in Austria, starting from the imperial capital of Vienna and several other fascinating cities and towns, continuing through the mountains with their resorts, hiking routes and villages.

Traveling in Austria

Any travel guide or tour of Austria usually starts with Vienna, the imposing and sumptuous imperial capital, with its elegant streets and wealth of palaces, museums and architectural attractions. The entire historical center of Vienna is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring a rich cultural, historical and religious heritage coming from the times when it was the capital of a large empire that stretched over much of central and southeastern Europe. Among the most famous and popular tourist attractions of Vienna, we can certainly include the Hofburg Imperial Palace that occupies much of the old center, today a fascinating museum, the impressive twin museums of Art and Natural History, the magnificent Stephansdom Cathedral, the City Hall of Vienna, the large Schonbrunn Castle, the Belvedere Palace, the Opera House, the Danube Tower and many other museums, parks, monuments and elegant avenues.

The other cities of Austria are equally fascinating, starting with Salzburg, the city of Mozart and its imposing castle, and continuing with marvelous destinations like Innsbruck, Graz, Linz, and Klagenfurt.

Map of Austria

Another aspect of Austria can be discovered in the mountains, the magnificent landscapes of the Alps, hiking across the dense network of charming trails and skiing in one of the many mountains resorts. While Austria is a modern country in all meanings, there are still traditional villages with the typical wooden architecture and the special Austrian atmosphere. Among the most famous mountain destinations of Austria, we can include places like Kaprun, Zell am See, St. Anton, Kitzbuhel, Solden, and Mayrhofen. The best of Austria experience can include both a tour of the charming cities, but also some time spent far away from civilization, in a remote lodge surrounded by the tall peaks of the mountains and the idyllic green scenery.

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