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Australia's Best Islands You Must Visit

Australia's Best Islands

Is there a better place to escape and relax than an island? Absolutely not, and the proof for this claim is the striking islands of Australia, more than eight thousand of them. Their unique beauty surrounds this continent, making them a desirable destination for a vacation. Whether you want to simply sunbathe and take an occasional dip in the bright blue waters or are up for some exciting adventures and exploring, these islands have it all. Like a true paradise on Earth, they are certainly worth a visit. We bring you some of the most gorgeous island destinations in Australia that are guaranteed to take your breath away the moment you set foot on them.

Kangaroo Island


The animal we always associate with the Australian continent deserved an island named after it. The third largest island among the thousands, this magnificent destination is ideal for any true nature lover. Besides kangaroos, you will see numerous koalas, sea lions, fur seals, and other native species that consider this island their home. Exceptional rock formations, as well as stunning beaches, are what makes this piece of nature perfect for a break from the crowded and hectic cities.

Hamilton Island

If you are looking for a destination to completely relax, reenergize, and enjoy the best of the best when it comes to luxurious resorts, pools, bars, sailing, diving, and much more, then this island is the one for you. Hamilton Island is actually one of Australia's most popular islands and a preferred holiday spot for numerous celebrities. There are no cars here, so you can enjoy the tranquility that only pure nature brings. Additionally, plenty of kangaroos, wallabies, and other animals typically associated with the continent of Australia can be spotted while you vacation at the opulent Hamilton Island.

Magnetic Island


A real paradise, this tropical destination offers its golden beaches, amazing weather, and magnificent waters to any traveler who visits it. The charming atmosphere of the exquisite Magnetic Island is one of its greatest features, together with the curious history of the island. It may be interesting to know that the name dates back to 1770 when Captain James Cook was sailing the coastline and came to the conclusion that the island had a magnetic force that interfered with the compass. Moreover, if you come to stay for a few days, you can choose to visit a new restaurant or tavern each day and enjoy international cuisine. Go on foot or rent a car, and visit as many beaches as possible, at the same time taking a moment to admire the breathtaking diversity of wildlife that populates this island.

Rottnest Island

No cars here either, so you can expect to achieve those preferable 10,000 steps a day if you decide to explore this Island near Perth. What this destination is most famous for are the friendly and cute quokkas – a short-tailored wallaby. Don’t forget to take a selfie with one of them, but be careful and patient. Moreover, this is an excellent place for swimming, diving, and snorkeling, as it takes pride in 20 glorious bays and more than 60 beaches. Just a few days on this island will assure you that this is a magnificent tropical paradise.

Fraser Island


Another wildly popular Australian destination, Fraser Island has a rich history, so don’t miss to visit some famous shipwrecks, like the mysterious Maheno one. Besides historical details, this destination offers a number of splendid lakes and it is guaranteed that you won’t hesitate to take a refreshing dip in one of them. One of the most well-known domestic animals is the dingo, but there are also more than 300 bird species. The largest sand island in the world truly has a lot to offer, so you will probably decide to visit it more than once.

Phillip Island

Watching groups of adorable little penguins as their waddle their way home from the ocean during the sunset may be an excellent way to distress and recharge with great energy. The Penguin Parade is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, but on this island, you can spot other animals as well, such as fur seals or koalas in the Koala Conservation Centre. Besides its famous wildlife, Phillip Island is the ideal place for surfing, sailing, and biking. If you want to taste great wines and cuisine and socialize, you will enjoy this visit.

Finally, there is no doubt that any of the numerous islands of Australia represent an extraordinary option for your next trip. Unique experiences, rich history and wildlife, beautiful scenery, dreamy beaches, and delicious food are only a part of what these islands have to offer.

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