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Australia to Appoint No Ambassador to Myanmar Amid Moves to Reduce Diplomatic Ties with Myanmar


If you haven’t heard anything about the recent update regarding the relations between Myanmar and Australia, then this article will provide you with great insights. Recently, it has been found out that Australia is reducing its diplomatic ties with Myanmar because it attempts to sidestep validating the military junta, which has reined control and violently stifled ongoing protests in Myanmar.

If you have been planning to visit the South-East Asian country of Myanmar and are in Australia, then you need to apply for a Myanmar visa Australia. However, before you do so, it is extremely crucial that you understand the extent of the downgrading of ties between Australia and Myanmar and the ongoing situation in the country. It is only after getting to know the entire scenario properly that you will be able to make the right decision.

In this article, we will be sharing with you all the crucial details associated with this latest news based on valid and reliable sources. In case you still continue to plan your visit to Myanmar, the must-visit places discussed in the last section will be of great help. So without delaying further, let us get started.

Everything about the Downgrading of Australia’s Diplomatic Ties with Myanmar

Based on a report released by ABC initially this week, Australia’s DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) has opted for a “senior career officer with ambassadorial experience in the region” to follow Andrea Faulkner, the previous ambassador to the country of Myanmar, whose term was over last month. According to the same report, the novel appointee, who has not yet been provided with the allowance to travel to the country, “will not present her credentials to the head of the junta, and will instead operate as the head of mission with the title of chargé d’affaires.”

The military administration that Senior General Min Aung Hlaing leads, had executed an unsteady hold on the nation since exercising control in the undertaking in February last year. Since then, the nation has plunged into a conflict set against the prepared Tatmadaw or the Myanmar military, against the NUG (National Unity Government), which portrays the expelled allies of and the civilian government itself.

Australia has become a part of all the countries that have decided to degrade their relations in the past 16 months since the coup. However, no country has made the decision of breaking off the diplomatic relations and turning its distinction to NUG. This clearly explains Myanmar’s duly and legitimate government and foreign governments are focused on making it all right.

Places To Visit in Myanmar

The country of Myanmar is home to several temples and is popular among the followers of Buddha. Regardless of your beliefs in Buddhism, this place will make you feel at peace. When you visit the temples or experience the scenic views, you’ll feel tranquil. And, with our lives being busy and fast, it is important to stop once in a while and relax. There are several places in Myanmar that you must visit to have such an experience. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Inle Floating Gardens

Located in Taunggyi, Inle Lake is among the most astonishing destinations to go to in the nation. Whether it is the magnificent hills or the blue water, the second-largest freshwater lake is a visual treat in itself. Moreover, as the name suggests, this place consists of floating gardens with a broad variety of fauna and flora. In fact, if you are planning to witness the beautiful sunset on at least one day in Myanmar, it should be here.

  1. Bagan Golden Palace

The calm appeal and golden delight of Bagan Golden Palace is what attracts tourists here every year. You can get a guide during your tour at the palace in order to get a better understanding of the importance of every area. What’s more, you will be stunned by the ancient artifacts that are placed here. These belonged to the Royal families centuries ago.

A few things you should know before planning your budget and itinerary is that this place has an entry fee of 5,000 MMK and is opened for visits from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Situated on Singuttara Hill in Yangoon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most popular places for Buddhist followers. This sacred place charms the devotees as well as the visitors through its beautiful structure.

The Bottom Line

A partial reason for Australia’s downgrading of diplomatic ties with Myanmar is the maintenance of a line of conversation with the military junta so as to ensure the liberation of Sean Turnell, Australian economic advisor. Nonetheless, if the situation favors, one must visit the nation of Myanmar and visit the places discussed in this article.

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