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Top Adventure Activities That You Can Enjoy
on Your Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is popular for its gigantic skyscrapers which claim to be the tallest buildings in the world. But that’s not all a vacation in Dubai brings to you. In fact, Dubai has lately become a tourist haven with a whole lot of attractions and adventure activities that can make your travel experience more enthralling and exciting. Here we have listed some of the top adventure activities that travelers can enjoy while in Dubai. See if some of them appeal to you too.

1. Skydiving

With the tallest buildings of the world, Dubai enjoys the privilege to have the most distinct and beautiful skyline as well. Having a look at all these beautiful structures right from the top is definitely going to give you some goosebumps. Imagine yourself jumping from some high-rise in the city and having an amazing free fall experience. The amazing weather of the city is also ideal to give skydivers a great opportunity to see Dubai from the top with an all-different view.

2. Desert Safari

Dubai is so beautiful a city that one can easily forget it lies right in the middle of the Arabian Desert. So, if you’re planning to have an adventurous trip to one of the world’s most advanced cities, experiencing desert safari is the way to go. Have fun driving your four-wheeler over those massive sand dunes or rent the bikes for a solo ride. Dine on some of the local specialties after a perfect safari trip.

3. Desert Camping

If you have always loved hiking and excursions, desert camping is surely going to give you an experience you’d love for the rest of your life. Camping in the middle of the desert is something amazing. All the camping gear can be borrowed and you can get the best holiday packages offering desert camping in Dubai from the top companies around.

4. Water Sports

An extremely famous adventure for the residents of Dubai, water sports on offer in the Emirate are equally popular among the tourists as well. There are so many top hotels in Dubai that are located along the shorelines of the Persian Gulf allowing you to enjoy jet skiing, parasailing and diving without having to venture too far. In fact, Dubai has become one of the top destinations around the world when it comes to water sports and there are some major water sports companies that have made it to Dubai.

5. Mountain Biking

One of the not-so-known attractions of Dubai is the Al Hajar Mountains that present a great adventure opportunity to the mountain bikers. Here you can witness the mountain goats, wild donkeys and lizards throughout your journey along with challenging steep climbs and rough grounds to experience. But make sure that you do not get into such an experience if you’re not experienced in it.

6. Motorsports

No Dubai vacation would be complete without an adventurous motorsports endeavor. Here you can find some of the most luxurious and exotic sports cars as the motorsports remain to be among the top adventures in the city. The city even allows you to rent some supercars from Dubai Autodrome where you can go to the tracks under the watch and guidance of some experienced instructors.

7. Mountain Climbing

One of the adventure activities that’s getting increasingly popular in Dubai, you can experience mountain climbing at the Al Hajar Mountains. So, explore the mountains in an all-new and different manner whilst having an enthralling experience.

Make sure that you inquire about these adventure activities while booking your stay in Dubai. The excitement and thrill these activities have to offer are surely going to make your vacation in Dubai once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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