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Yokohama to Use Artificial Intelligence for its Tires

As reported by Owler, Artificial intelligence developed new tires from Yokohama. A famous Japanese tire manufacturer, Yokohama, received a patent for a system that will use AI to indicate the material properties of rubber compounds, at the end of the last year. The technique has already been tested and is used to expand and improve the rubber compounds.

So what is AI? Artificial Intelligence is a technology, or rather a branch of modern science, which studies ways to teach a computer, robotic equipment, analytical system to think intelligently, just like a human.

Research in the field of AI is conducted by studying the mental abilities of humans and substituting the results to the area of computers. Thus, artificial intelligence receives information from an assortment of sources and disciplines. These include computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, biology, engineering. Based on the array of data using machine learning technology, computers try to mimic human intelligence.

The main goals of AI are quite transparent: Creating analytical systems that have intelligent behavior, can learn independently or under human supervision, make predictions and hypotheses based on massive amounts of data. Implementation of human intelligence in a machine - creating robotic assistants that can behave like humans: think, learn, understand and perform tasks.

How does this system work for the tire industry? An engineer enters the calculated parameters of rubber mixture, and artificial intelligence, already based on the previously entered data, conducts a large number of virtual experiments, and gives forecasts concerning its properties. The process of creating new mixtures is simplified, development costs are reduced, and the product itself is of higher quality.

The system is already successfully being used to improve the rubber blends of the brand. Yokohama expects the system's ability to conduct a large number of virtual experiments will allow it to speed up compound development, reduce development costs, and produce more productive products, the company says, adding the system will make it easier for less experienced engineers to create new compounds. Being a very reputable company, Yokohama has always held the leading positions in the world’s tire market, and you can read more about the test results of its tire on

The AI technology was adopted to the tire manufacturing process under Yokohama Rubber's new concept, HAICoLab, which was launched in October 2020. Apart from the prediction of physical rubber compounds, the system includes a function that displays the validity of predicted physical properties and a function that searches for the compound that will achieve the physical properties closest to the target properties. In the future, Yokohama will use the new system to develop rubber compounds for use in tires for several other company products, including hoses and conveyor belts.

Under the new HAICoLab concept, Yokohama says it will contribute to the realization of the "Society 5.0" - society of the future, which will empower people and take advantage of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, according to a proposal from Japan's Cabinet.

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