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Window Tinting: Benefits While You Are Driving

Car maintenance is essential for owners who want a car to last a long time. Many owners are sure to get regular tune-ups and maintenance, but they often don’t take care of the car’s windows. Window film, or window tint, is not just an aesthetic enhancement. It can provide long-lasting benefits that protect drivers, passengers, and the vehicle.

Window Tinting Protects Car Upholstery

Parking in the shade or using a windshield sun protector can temporarily protect a car from the sun. However, window film blocks harsh sun rays from fading upholstery and discoloring leather or vinyl. Because interiors can crack and warp with the sun’s heat, you will be thankful for tinted windows on your car. Tinting also blocks window glare, thus decreasing eye strain from direct sunlight or bright lights at night.

Block Harmful UV Rays

Did you know that car window tinting can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays? UV rays cause skin aging and cancer. Even clear window film or light tinting can protect the skin from darkening of the skin, early aging, and skin cancer. People who drive a lot should consider a UV window tint to protect them against these risks.

Keep the Car Cool

Window tinting can help keep everyone comfortable in a car. Window films can block 30-60% of the heat that collects. This keeps everyone more comfortable and reduces fuel consumption from using too much air conditioning.

Protection from Shattered Glass

Window film will protect a winows from shattering should it get into an accident. Passengers will be protected from flying glass or being thrown out of windows. Thieves also have more difficulty breaking the tinted glass to get into cars.

Privacy and Security

Window tinting comes in various shading, from clear to blackout window film. This tinting provides privacy for the driver and passengers. Once the car is parked, it is more difficult for thieves to see valuables that may be lying in the car. Tinting provides peace of mind and security for those traveling a lot or those driving around town.

Improve the Look of a Car

Many people love the look of a car with tinted windows. Tinting provides a sleek and polished look as if a car came from the showroom. Tinted windows are also an inexpensive way to make a car feel more luxurious.

Improve Resale Value

People buying used cars want them to be in good condition. Cars with tinted windows tend to be in better shape because the tinting protects the upholstery and leather during the car's life. A car with a nicer, cleaner interior is likely to get a higher resale price than a faded and worn car.

Simple Comfort

Car window tinting provides driver comfort. Darker windshield visors mean that the driver does not have to squint when driving.

Safety for Children

Window tinting can help keep children safer in a car. Families with a baby car seat in the back should also have tinted windows to protect the baby from UV rays and sunlight that could hurt their vision. If there is an accident, window tinting will also help keep the window from shattering.

There are many benefits to car window tinting. Consider the different degrees of tinting to find the perfect shade for your car.

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