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What is an Ebike?


Electric bikes are an excellent way for individuals of all abilities to move about, whether you're riding them for some exercise and fresh air or utilizing them to make running errands a bit simpler. Have you never got a chance to give one a try? Your most pressing e-bike or electric trike-related inquiries have been addressed here.

Okay, So What Exactly is an Electric Bike?

Essentially, e-bikes or three-wheel electric bikes are simply bicycles. A little but powerful electric motor that can provide you with either a mild boost or enough strength to climb practically any incline is what distinguishes them from other vehicles.

Who May Use an E-bike?

All genders, male/female, students in college, older adults, motorcyclists who are new to the sport, experienced riders, and those who have been injured can use an electric trike or bike. All-purpose e-bikes are what Maxfoot manufactures as the top leading e-bikes, especially the three-wheel electric bikes brand.

On one of our e-bikes, whether you're a confirmed superstar, an NFL player, or simply someone with a passion for adventure, you'll feel entirely at home.

How Old So I Have to Be To Ride an E-bike?

To ride an e-bike or electric trike from Maxfoot Bikes, you must be 16 or older. Under-16s may not have the maturity or competence to ride an e-bike safely. Whether a youngster should ride or operate an electric bike or any other three-wheel electric bikes is always a decision that should be made by a parent or legal guardian.

It's essential to be aware of and abide by local laws regarding rider age and other requirements, as specific communities may require e-bike or electric trike users to be older than 16.

Can I Pedal It Like a Standard Bike?

Yep! You may exert as much or as little effort as you wish while using an e-bike or electric trike, which is one of its finest features. You have the option of exercising yourself fully by pedaling relentlessly, or if you must go quickly, you may use the pedal assist.

What Is Pedal Assistance?

The amount of power the motor produces may be changed with the press of a button (followed by a pedal stroke). Although it doesn't really move the bike, including three-wheel electric bikes, this gives your pedaling some extra power.

Five levels are typically available for selection on Maxfoot models. It will seem like someone is giving your bike or electric trike a little push while you ride when you choose pedal assist level 1. You may get the sensation of having two influential stallions instead of your legs while using pedal assist level 5.

Although most of our riders fall into the pedal assist two categories, you may always choose the one that best fits you.

Can They Be Powered Without Pedaling? What does the throttle do?

Yes! One technique to summon power from the motor is using pedal assistance. The other is the twist throttle (available on motorcycles made in the United States and Canada).

It will seem like a professional cyclist has taken over your pedaling when you apply the throttle since the back wheel will start spinning independently. This is a wonderful option when you need to accelerate rapidly or stop pedaling but don't want to interrupt your e-bike or electric trike ride.

They Travel at What Speed?

20 mph (25 km/h in the EU) is the highest speed limit for all our e-bikes, including three-wheel electric bikes.

The Battery's Lifespan Is How Long?

Maxfoot Bikes' "power" comes from the battery. Compared to the lead-acid batteries used in the majority of autos, it is a portable, energy-dense substitute.

It is detachable from the bike or electric trike and can be charged with any regular power source. They are intended to last up to 6-7 years and have approximately 800 charge cycles.

Under ideal conditions, the expected range per full charge is 50–60 miles.

What's The Price of Them?

We sell e-bikes, including three-wheel electric bikes, for between $999 and $2599. They're four-season competent, cost-effective transport alternatives.

Just How Much Attention Do They Require?

E-bikes or electric trike need comparable maintenance to that of standard motorcycles but far less than that of a typical automobile (and significantly less expense).

If you prefer to learn by doing, our internal team of professionals constantly offers advice on how to maintain your bike running at its best. The majority of reputable bicycle stores may service our three-wheel electric bikes if you'd prefer to go to a professional.

Is Using an E-bike Unethical?

It is sometimes cheating to ride an e-bike or electric trike since it is so simple.

A new study demonstrates that riding an e-bike gives you almost the same exercise as riding a traditional bike.

How is it possible? You can't really be exercising if you're not dripping wet or panting your way down the path, can you?

Yes, you can definitely, according to several researchers!

Thirty-three novice bikers were recently sent around a six-mile loop by researchers at Brigham Young University on both pedal-assist e-bikes and three-wheel electric bikes.

The average heart rate of those assigned to e-bikes or three-wheel electric bikes was 145 beats per minute, which is just 10 beats slower than typical cyclists and falls comfortably within what public health professionals refer to as "the vigorous-intensity zone.

Professor Benjamin Crookston from BYU noted that those who rode bikes still had higher heart rates and enjoyed themselves. For many who have previously considered riding to be too challenging, I believe this is a game-changer. It allows a larger group to participate in this crucial kind of exercise.

Where Can I Find the Best One for Me?

Maxfoot is the ideal spot to begin your search for the greatest e-bike for your requirements. With a wide selection of high-quality electric bikes, including three-wheel electric bikes, Maxfoot offers something for everyone. With features like strong motors, sustainable batteries, and sophisticated suspension systems, these bikes are made for comfort, toughness, and performance. In addition, Maxfoot now offers discount coupon codes:

GPHM: Customers who use this coupon to purchase a Maxfoot MF-18 or MF-17 electric bike will get $100 off their order.

GP30: This coupon code saves $100 on purchasing an MF-30 three-wheel electric bike.

Please take notice that these two voucher codes are not redeemable for the MF-19 foldable bike. To locate the top electric bicycle, Maxfoot is where you need to search.

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