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Thinking of Upgrading? Is the 2024 Honda Gold Wing Worth It?

2024 Honda Gold Wing

The Honda Gold Wing has reigned as the king of touring motorcycles for many years. If you're an existing Gold Wing owner, the 2024 model may have caught your eye with its nice upgrades and fresh new styling. But is it really worth upgrading if you already have a late-model Gold Wing?

What's New for 2024?

Let's start by looking at what's new on the Honda Gold Wing 2024 compared to the previous model years. On the surface, it's not a full redesign—the basic chassis, engine, and body shape remain mostly unchanged.

However, Honda has implemented some functional upgrades that do enhance the Gold Wing's touring capabilities in meaningful ways:

  • Increased storage capacity in the top trunk (now 61 liters total)
  • Redesigned passenger backrest for improved long-distance comfort
  • More powerful audio speakers for better sound quality
  • Standard XM radio antenna for clearer reception

While not earth-shattering changes, these little improvements make spending long days in the saddle even more pleasant for riders and passengers alike.

Along with the functional upgrades, the 2024 Gold Wing also receives some fresh new color options, such as Matte Armored Green Metallic and an updated Metallic Gray/Black.

Smart Tech Enhances Touring

One area where the Gold Wing has really distinguished itself is with its cutting-edge touring technologies. Building on its reputation for performance and luxury, Honda has loaded up its flagship model with all sorts of smart tech that make marathon saddle sessions more enjoyable.

The selectable riding modes let you customize the power delivery and chassis characteristics to your preferences or for varying conditions. Cruise control gives your throttle hand a break on the Interstate, and hill start assist prevents rollback on steep grades.

For low-speed maneuvers in tight spaces, the innovative reverse gear makes wrestling the massive Gold Wing into a parking spot much easier. And the available airbag system provides an extra layer of protection.

Is It Worth the Upgrade?

So, if you're currently riding a Gold Wing from 2018 or newer, is the 2024 model enough of an upgrade to justify the expense of buying or trading up? That's a personal decision based on your needs and wants.

From a pure numbers and specs perspective, the upgrades are relatively minor if your existing Gold Wing is already loaded up with all the latest tech and amenities. The subtle styling updates and small increase in trunk space likely won't wow current owners.

However, if you realistically take advantage of the enhanced long-distance touring comfort provided by the redesigned backrest or expanded luggage capacity, then the upgrades could be well worth it for making those marathon rides even more enjoyable.

It comes down to how much you prioritize the latest and greatest from Honda versus being satisfied with your current bike's capabilities and features. If you pride yourself on always having the newest tech and styling, the 2024 Gold Wing could be worth the investment to stay ahead of the curve.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, upgrading from a recent-model Gold Wing to the 2024 version is more of a "want" than an absolute "need" for most riders. The changes are nice but not revolutionary.

That said, if you do lots of long-haul two-up touring and those little quality-of-life improvements like the bigger trunk and better backrest will make your adventures significantly more comfortable and enjoyable, it could easily be worth ponying up for the latest and greatest Gold Wing amenities.

If you're considering upgrading to the Honda Gold Wing 2024 and want to see how it compares to other touring bike options, the expert reviews and comparisons at Custom Tour Magazine can help you decide if it's truly worth it for your needs.

Is the 2024 Gold Wing enough of an enticing upgrade to get you to open your wallet?

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