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The Top 5 Jaguar Parts That People Buy

Wonder what keeps Jag mechanics busy? These are the top 5 Jaguar parts that owners buy and repair most of the time! Like all cars, these parts are the crucial parts that you need to consistently monitor and maintain. When it comes to Jaguars, yes, you can expect them to last a bit longer. Jaguars are known for performance and durability. But, these Jaguar parts do deteriorate with time and use.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 Jaguar parts that people buy and replace:

1. Brake parts
High demand Jaguar brake parts include the pads, rotors and ABS modules. And it is not surprising why these are some of the most popular Jaguar parts that people buy. After all, your Jag’s brakes are possibly some of the most abused (yet, most important) parts of your car. But, don’t fret about having to change them more than others. It is ideal to keep your brake parts in tip-top condition.

2. Electrical parts
Top electrical parts that you should be monitoring include your Jag’s switches, relays, and sensors. These Jaguar parts ensure that your car is working at an optimal level, without any lags.

3. Heating and air conditioning
Your Jag’s compressors, heater valves, blower motors, driers and expansion valves are some of the most fragile parts of any car. It’s the same with your Jaguar too.

4. Suspension parts
Your suspension parts are crucial to your Jag’s performance. Let any of these deteriorate and you’d be feeling some humps and bumps in your ride in no time. So, have your ball joints, control arms, tie rods, mounts, bushings and wheel bearings regularly checked.

5. Steering parts
Steering parts, like your Jaguar’s steering racks, power steering pumps and rack bushings, make your world – well, just your car, really – go round. Make sure they’re in their best shape to enjoy the best ride in your Jaguar.

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