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Tips for Buying an Electric Bike

Before buying an electric bike, you need to consider many aspects. The following tips from Vandervolt explain how to prepare for the purchase, why the test drive helps you choose the right model and how to take advantage of the opportunities.

Establish the budget

The prices of electric bikes are very different from each other: the cheapest ones cost around 400 dollars, while the most performing and equipped ones can even exceed 600 dollars. If, on the other hand, you prefer a fast model, which can reach 45 km/h, you could spend 1000 dollars or more. But whatever your choice, be sure to buy an electric bike made by a reputable electric bike manufacturer

Electric Bike

The price is determined by the power of the battery and the motor, as well as the safety equipment and the level of comfort. The equipment can range from suspension systems to the USB socket for charging the smartphone up to the alarm that can be controlled via the app.

If necessary, you should also calculate the costs for the insurance of the new bicycle: the offer includes among other policies in the event of theft and accident.

Ask the experts for advice

Do you have to travel short distances or do you also go on longer hikes? Do you like straight roads or do you prefer paths in the middle of nature?

In particular for mountain biking, given the vast choice, it is useful to ask for advice from the experts who during an interview identify your priorities by helping you in choosing the most suitable vehicle for you. Based on our experience, Haidong Bike offers various ebikes for various road conditions.

Electric Bike

For example, the city cyclist will focus on the electric city bike or on a chic bike with a vintage look. For those who regularly travel long distances, a cycle touring model with more generous and performing equipment is recommended. The most popular e-bike model by far is the electric mountain bike that does not fear paths full of roots and stones or steep descents.

Take a thorough test drive

Have you received some excellent advice from the expert and found the right model? Now it's time to saddle up and take a thorough test ride. In fact, only after a few kilometers will you be able to understand if the positions of the handlebar and saddle are adequate and if the various knobs, levers and functions are easily reachable for you and positioned in a rational way.

In addition to these important aspects, you can test the behavior at the start, which differs from one model to another. Furthermore, during the test it is necessary to check the efficiency of the brakes. And in the case of the fast e-bike or S-Pedelec you have to test whether you are really able to stop the bike as you imagine. All these aspects of the electric bike must be ascertained directly in practice.

Take advantage of attractive discounts

In the electric bike sector, the models are constantly changing. Often these changes concern only small details: eg. the manufacturer has chosen a new frame color or replaced just one component. However, the "old" models are usually practically identical to the new ones.

As soon as new e-bike models are launched on the market, Ottawa electric bikes stores apply discounts on models from previous years. Take the opportunity and you can save up to 15% and more. Another way to save is to choose the models that merchants display and replace regularly. Also in this case interesting discounts are applied.


Electric bicycles are available for a wide variety of road conditions. They also vary in terms of price. But what is worth noting is a test drive. You don't want to be disappointed after buying so before actually spending your money, make sure you've tried driving it.

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