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Know When is the Time For
Your Auto's Tune-Up Service

Heading to an auto shop near you could be for several reasons. Whether your car needs a quick air con service or a full fledged tune up, requesting service in advance would be the best thing, to begin with. Most of us prefer a professional tune up supervised by a certified mechanic as a regular thing, while others just skip it at times, ending up paying hundreds of dollars for the same.

Tune-Up Service

Every European car service professional will share that car tune-up ensures that everything is working precisely and the vehicle stays in a good shape. Still, many tune ups are replacing the components of an engine that leave it working efficiently, without any glitches. Today, we are here with a quick breakdown that will help you know more about what is an auto tuneup and when you need to head to a shop serving car repair near you. So, let’s get started with a quick brief.

A service with tune up involves two major parts: the actual tune up and the thorough inspection. Firstly, an inspection process is carried out that includes a visual check of the engine’s components to ensure that the filters are unclogged and clean, and there is no damage to the injector or pump. The procedure also covers the performance and appearance of the spark plugs, checking the air filters, coolant levels, PCV valve, oil level, and ignition timing.

Whereas, the tune up results depend on the inspection outcomes. However, it also makes sure that the engine receives the right proportions of spark, fuel, and air. And yes, the oil, air, and fuel filter replacement are also taken care of, if required.

Now, let’s get ahead and know the signs when your car might need a quick tune up.

  • At times, you might see your vehicle lagging the moment you try to accelerate. This halt could be a warning sign and is not specifically something to ignore.
  • Brakes have also been a major thing in a vehicle’s functionality. If you see any problem with the brakes, then you need to know that it is a safety concern and an issue that needs attention right away. Usually, problems with brakes come in some forms. In a few situations, you might feel some scraping or whining sounds which are the most obvious signs of a failed brake system.
  • Seeing those engine lights shining on your dashboard is something distressing. At times, you might ignore them. Even so, they show up like that for a reason. Bear in mind that when the lights come on, the best thing to do is to take your vehicle for quick service at an auto shop near you.
  • The transmission system is the one component that makes sure that gear shifting processes smoothly. That might also mean that there is some transmission issue within the vehicle. If you ever encounter rough shifting gears, then consider it as a sign for a quick mechanic inspection.
  • Other than this, we have to pay attention to the time when we are filling in the tank. If you have lately started to see that your vehicle is demanding more fill up, then here comes the time to take your vehicle to a nearby European car service centre and get the diminished fuel efficiency checked.

The bottom line is that performing a quick tune up can extend the lifespan of your vehicle. And guess what the best part is? It is a lot cheaper than the standard services and is done in no time. However, the only thing that matters is to keep looking for these above-mentioned signs and take them to a professional for inspection, whenever required. So get things tuned up before they get out of hand.

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