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Sixthreezero - Why Los Angeles Is Increasing Enforcement on Electric Bike Riders

You may have heard that Los Angeles is increasing the enforcement of electric bike rules. This sometimes comes as a surprise to riders because electric bikes for adults as a serious means of transportation have gotten very popular recently. It would make sense that e-bikes should be encouraged since they are environmentally friendly. Understanding the situation will help you to stay on the right side of the law.

The Rise in E-Bike Popularity

Electric bikes offer a convenient form of transportation, especially in areas of relatively high population density. For example, they tend to be highly popular in cities and coastal towns. They offer a way to get around that is very eco-friendly. It is also more convenient than a car or public transit in many areas. However, it is easier than walking or riding a regular bicycle.

Thanks to improving battery and motor technology as well as superior designs, e-bikes have experienced an explosion of popularity in the last decade. Although this has been great for the industry and the riders, it also means a lot more e-bikes. This is especially true in LA where the weather and location make e-bikes an excellent form of transportation.

What Is Happening?

For the most part, there haven’t been huge changes to the street-legal electric bike laws. Although, it is worth noting that some local authorities have added or changed rules and regulations for e-bikes. However, the main change has been stricter enforcement of the existing rules.

Some examples of the more stringent enforcement efforts include citing people for not wearing helmets, riding on sidewalks, failing to follow the rules of the road and riding on prohibited paths. In short, if you are riding an electric bike in Los Angeles, you should be extra careful about knowing what rules apply to you.

Generally, you can stay on the right side of the law by just following the usual electric bike safety tips. The police are primarily focused on keeping people safe and avoiding safety issues with e-bikes. However, you should avoid hitting the road (or trail) unless you know the laws for your area and anywhere you will be travelling.

Why Is It Happening?

The reasoning behind this is simple: e-bikes are popular and with popularity comes negligent riders. Bicycles have often enjoyed somewhat lax enforcement because they usually only go as fast as the person can handle. However, electric bikes are a little different. Their motors allow inexperienced riders to pick up some serious speed.

This has led to riders of all ages having accidents with pedestrians, other riders and inanimate objects. If they aren’t wearing helmets or are in a prohibited path, they are much more likely to have a serious accident. While e-bikes benefited from obscurity for a long time, they are now experiencing a crackdown on rule enforcement.

Learn More

Discover more about electric bikes and the rules of the road. This is a great form of transportation. If you are willing to follow the rules, you can have a very positive experience without having to worry about law enforcement.

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