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7 Signs of Reckless Driving and Their Consequences

Signs of Reckless Driving

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A statistic says that reckless driving is responsible for 33% of all major car accident deaths. Accidents due to negligence are bad; accidents due to reckless driving are worse.

Drivers who engage in reckless driving must face severe punishment. These individuals know what they’re doing is against the law, but they still decide to proceed with it.

When talking about the consequences of reckless driving, it is important to concentrate on aspects outside of injuries. Aspects like

  • Serving time in prison
  • Being marked as high-risk by insurance companies
  • Having ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicle
  • Losing credibility

It is crucial to know how to identify reckless driving. Knowing so will help you report them to law enforcement as soon as you spot them.

Although there are many signs to spot a reckless driver, here are 7 of the most common ones. We have also included what happens if you let them drive in the same reckless manner.

Sign 1: Speeding

This is the most common type of reckless driving behavior exhibited by drivers. The US roads have speed limits for a reason. Breaking these speed limits is disastrous, not just for the driver but for others around them as well.

Consequences of speeding

An overspeeding vehicle’s reaction times are greatly affected. As a result, they cannot react to sudden changes in traffic or swerve away from surprising elements on the road.

Considering the fact that the vehicle is breaking the speed limit, the impact of an accident will also be severe. Pedestrians involved in overspeeding accidents will be lucky if they make it out alive.

Sign 2: Distracted driving at high speeds

Distracted driving at high speeds is like one-upping overspeeding. A driver who’s busy texting while breaking the speed limits is a disaster waiting to happen.

The driver is moving too fast to react to the changes in the road, and they’re shifting their attention between the road and whatever is keeping them occupied.

Consequences of distracted driving at high speeds

Distracted driving at high speeds has similar effects to distracted driving and speeding. The driver will not notice any changes in traffic while driving at unsafe speeds. Such drivers are either prone to running off the road to avoid an accident or ending up in a rear-end collision.

Sign 3: Driving a defective vehicle

The vehicle you’re driving is supposed to be in top working condition. But some drivers hit the road in vehicles that either have defective parts or are in poor working condition. Such vehicles are top candidates for accidents.

Consequences of driving a defective vehicle

Defective parts can cause accidents. For instance, non-functional headlights greatly affect a vehicle’s visibility in the dark. Old, worn-out tires interfere with a car’s traction.

Owners of poorly maintained cars can be held liable for negligence as well.

Sign 4: Frequently weaving through traffic

Some drivers throw caution to the wind and weave through traffic. They may or may not turn on their blinkers while making unsafe lane changes. Sharing the road with drivers like this is a nightmare, as they are unpredictable.

Consequences of frequently weaving through traffic

Drivers like this put everyone around them at risk. Other drivers will have to keep up with the unexpected movements of the reckless driver. The chances of a pileup are high when drivers engage in this type of reckless driving behavior.

Sign 5: Driving on sidewalks or pavements

Some motorcyclists and car drivers are guilty of this. In order to beat the traffic, they may get on the sidewalk. This is illegal and punishable by the law. Not just motorcycles, but motorized scooters and mopeds aren’t permitted on sidewalks as well.

Consequences of driving on sidewalks or pavements

As said before, sidewalks or pavements are meant for walking. Driving on the sidewalk is punishable by law. It puts pedestrians at risk, forcing them to walk on the road.

Sign 6: Ignoring traffic signals

Drivers must obey all traffic signs and signals at intersections, small streets, and everywhere else. Some drivers often jump red lights, either in a hurry or in a bid to look cool. Then there are those who ignore stop signs and other traffic signs. Both come under reckless driving.

Consequences of ignoring traffic signals

Jumping red lights, especially at intersections, is harmful to just about anyone on the road. The driver may either ram into another vehicle or try to avoid the vehicles and crash into a pedestrian.

Sign 7: Peeling out

Peeling out, also known as the exhibition of speed, refers to moving the vehicle in a noisy way, either through burning rubber or a loud exhaust. Though this may look cool, the driver isn’t in control of the vehicle for a short period of time. You will get pulled over by an officer for reckless driving if you’re peeling out.

Consequences of peeling out

Peeling out has legal repercussions. The driver will be levied a fine ranging from $50 to $300. They’ll also be awarded demerit points.

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