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Security Bollards

Security bollards or traffic bollards are used for many different purposes. They come in many different shapes, size, style and material. The basic goal of a bollard is to create hindrance or to decrease the impact of collision. They are put on different places on the roadside to guide the traffic as well. Bollards are mostly used in areas where there is heavy traffic. They are put there to avoid collision of vehicles and accidents etc. Bollards are a very advantageous product as they provide safety and security for people. However, there are also some drawbacks of bollards which will be discussed in details in this article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Security Bollards

Everything that comes with benefits and advantages has some drawbacks or disadvantages as well. Same is the case with security bollards. They have got many advantages but they have some drawbacks as well. The following sections will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of bollards.

Advantages of Security Bollards

  1. Safety for Pedestrians

Bollards are placed in heavy traffic areas to avoid vehicle collisions. Another greatest advantage of bollards is that they also provide safety for pedestrians. Therefore, bollards are placed along roadsides, parking areas or outside public parks to avoid accidents. Bollards are placed for vehicles as well as pedestrians. There are also different types of bollards that are placed on pedestrian walkways to guide the pedestrians through proper ways where they will not pose any hindrance to the traffic.

These security bollards are used to guide the pedestrians towards clear areas where there will be no traffic. Bollards placed for pedestrians are mostly made of light material like plastic or wood etc. They are for guidance and decorative purpose. Therefore, it is not needed to make them of some heavy material. Similarly, bollards placed along roadside are for the guidance of traffic that they should not cross this boundary made by the bollards.

  1. Safety for Vehicles

Heavy traffic areas require heavy duty bollards made of metal or steel. They are made of heavy material because they require resisting heavy traffic collisions. They are placed to prevent accidents. They guide the traffic to specific areas or to restrict the traffic from entering some prohibited area for example a construction site. These bollards can be made in any style or design. They are very easy to install. They can be placed in a line or can be placed at gaps. Bollards can be made in customized designs as well. They are made customized to guide the traffic or guide people towards or away from some areas.

  1. Look or Appearance

Bollards are often made in customized designs for decorative purpose. They are often made for parks or recreational areas to give a pleasing visual to the visitors. For example parks have light footprints on the walkway for the guidance of people who come for walk.

  1. Environment Friendly

Another benefit of bollards is that they can be made in materials like concrete or PVC to help reduce deforestation. These types of bollards are not only durable but also give a pleasing appearance and look for the viewers. They are ecofriendly options and are good for today’s world where trees and plants are becoming scarce day by day. Concrete or plastic bollards do not require much maintenance. They also do not require the soil to be graded in which they are placed. Concrete bollards can last for years and the risk of corrosion and breakage is nearly zero.

Disadvantages of Security Bollards

  1. Bollards Need Space

It is an obvious fact that security or traffic bollards need space for installation. Placed on the roadsides or along the pedestrian walkways, they take up lot of space which can disturb the pedestrian traffic. They can also cause accidents. For example, if someone is running due to some emergency and does not have the idea that there are bollards placed on the walkway, they can collide with the bollard and get hurt. Therefore, it is important to place the bollards with proper installation planning.

  1. Bollards Can Cause Accidents

Bollards can cause accidents especially for pedestrian traffic. If they want to cross over the bollard and fell down, they can get hurt badly.

  1. Bollards Can Create Confusion

If the bollards are very big in shape and size they can sometimes disturb and confuse the viewers and traffic. They are often not marked properly. This also creates confusion in understanding the meaning properly. Such confusing bollards fail to serve their actual purpose that is restricting the traffic.

  1. Plastic Bollards are not Durable

Plastic bollards serve decorative purpose more than the restriction purpose. Therefore, you should always be clear about what goal you want to achieve through the bollard you are trying to put in a specific place. The plastic bollards do not serve the purpose of stopping the vehicles and they do not hinder the impact of collision.

  1. Bollards Cause Vehicular Damage

Strong bollards like those made of metal or steel cause vehicular damage. When the vehicles collide with full force with the bollard, it gets damaged on a huge scale.


Security or traffic bollards serve many different purposes which include advantages and disadvantages as well. It is now up to you to select the bollard type which overcomes the drawbacks with its advantages and benefits.

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